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Quick Look: Full-Res for iPhone

title screen of Full-Res

title screen of Full-Res

It’s just another typical Apple oversight: improve the camera on the iPhone a great deal, but leave the Photos application alone so that zooming in on photos is still a giant chore. Luckily, “there’s an app for that”. The aptly titled “Full-Res” shows you the pictures you take (and make) on your iPhone at their full resolution, so you can enjoy all the minute details of your shot instead of looking at some stupid blocky thing in Photos.

Getting started is pretty simple: pick a photo, wait for it to load up (usually around 5-10 seconds), and then start panning around the image. The image loads up at max resolution, but you can zoom in even more if you’d like. But talk is cheap, so here are a few screenshots to show you how useful this app can be:

Here’s a shot of the garden:

back yard

This is the Photos app, zooming in as much as possible on the bottle of Scotch:

IMG_0671This is Full-Res, and I think the results speak for themselves:

IMG_0674As useful as Full-Res is, the interface could use just a little bit more refining. Zooming and panning just don’t feel quite right and aren’t as smooth as the default Photos app. Loading also takes a little while, and any optimization there would definitely be welcomed — although I’m not sure how much is possible.

Those minor gripes aside, Full-Res is another one of those little apps that does something that the default iPhone apps couldn’t be bothered to include, and it does it pretty well. I like how I’m actually able to read some of the text in my pictures and panoramic shots.  It’s also a program that just sets things right in the iPhone universe: if we’re going to have an awesome camera, we should be able to see our shots at full resolution, thank you very much.
Full-Res is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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