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BeejiveIM iPhone Chat App Updated to version 3.0.2

Image credit: Josh Gard

BeejiveIM, the popular iPhone instant messaging app with push notifications, has been updated to version 3.0.2. According to Beejive, this update is mainly bug fixes, but they ‘ve also sped up the app ‘s launch speed significantly, and the icon has been refreshed with a flatter look.

The full list of updates as described by Beejive:

  • Session timeout increased to maximum of 7 days (up from 24 hours)
  • Sped up app launch times, push notification launches app in chat
  • Re-enabled email push as an alternative form of notifications
  • URL support for beejiveim://chat/<service>/<username>
  • Various performance improvements
  • Small UI enhancements
  • Bug fixes

I ‘m still looking for the ‘UI enhancements ‘ but so far I haven ‘t noticed anything different. This is a worthwhile update for users of BeejiveIM, if for nothing else than the improved performance and launch speed. However, the addition of 3 and 7 day session timeouts is great for the occasional IM-er who doesn ‘t want to have to remember to open the app every other day just to keep everything logged in.

The update is free for all BeejiveIM users, or you can download the app for $9.99 on the iTunes App Store here.

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  • one thing I think: can now rotate to landscape mode from chat list instead of just from inside a chat.

  • Brian

    You really notice a difference in speed? On my 3GS, I notice absolutely no difference. Still takes a few seconds to initially load up and there's still the ridiculous 1-2 second lag when selecting a chat.

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