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Apple Releases iPhoto Update 8.1

Apple has released an update to iPhoto, bringing the version number to 8.1. This update provides new printing options for the iPhoto print service. Here are the release notes:

  • Hardcover books can now be ordered in a new extra-large (13?x10?) size
  • Includes three new book themes with travel-oriented designs: Tropical, Asian, Old World
  • A variety of new holiday greeting cards themes are now available
This update is available to iPhoto 09 customers and can be downloaded through Software Update or from the Apple download page.
I’ve never used the print service, but some people swear by it. Do you like Apple’s iPhoto print service? Leave a comment!

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  • I wouldn’t say I swear by the print service, however, I print 3-4 photo books yearly. I have a baby, and I’m sure other parents will attest to this, I have a lot of photos, and don’t make photo albums anymore b/c of volume of photos and lack of time.

    Apple has made creating the photo books very easy, and that’s why I use them. Quality wise, If I had to give them a grade, they’d bet a B, but a strong B. Photo quality is better off other services, but Apple wins on ease of use.

    I haven’t tried cards or just prints.