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Twitterrific iPhone App 2.1 Update Now Available


Patrick mentioned yesterday that Twitterrific 2.1 had been submitted to the App Store and was due any day.

That day is today.

As I type this, the highly-anticipated update to this full-fledged Twitter app is propagating its way through the App Store, for both the free and premium versions.

As soon as I saw the info pop into my Twitter feed, I opened the App Store icon on my iPhone and started checking for updates. By the 67th refresh, I was downloading the update. I ‘m still poking around in the app, but the changes are noticeable and increase efficiency, and the app feels faster and smoother.

A full list of the new features after the jump.

Twitterrific 2.1 brings with it the following new features, as described by The Iconfactory:

  • New ‘Load More ‘ button to get older tweets in timeline
  • Added followers and following lists to author view
  • Added support for recording, posting, and viewing videos
  • Added an account viewer and picker to main toolbar and posting view
  • Built-in browser now supports landscape orientation
  • Lowered batter usage by changing how location updates
  • Added tap & hold menus for tweet, links and photos
  • Image links are now displayed in a photo viewer
  • Tweets can now be translated into your language with the action bar
  • Added ‘Reply ‘ and ‘Retweet ‘ to tap shortcuts
  • Location readers are more accurate now
  • Improved handling of YouTube links
  • Tapping on avatar in author view now displays it fullsize
  • Author view now shows if the user follows you back
  • Long uploads now show a percentage completed
  • Improved bookmarking support
  • Added in-app email support
  • Passwords are now supported for Instapaper
  • Optimized for iPhone 3GS

In addition to the new features, Twitterrific 2.1 provides the following bug fixes:

  • Improved typing speed with keyboard
  • Fixed marking a tweet as a favorite
  • Removed ‘in reply to ‘ when retweeting
  • Changed color of sent direct messages from green to blue
  • Browser links that try to open content in a new window now work
  • Improved how posting state is handled when quitting
  • Fixed Nearby and other searches that referenced expired tweets
  • Plugged memory leaks
  • Fixed various bugs that caused crashes

With all these updates and new features, this is surely an update to install right away if you use Twitterrific. If you ‘re not using it currently, you can check out the free version (App Store link), or purchase the Premium version (App Store link) for only $3.99, for the ultimate iPhone Twitter experience.

Here are a couple screen shots showing a few of the new features. Click on image to view the full size version.

image credit: Josh Gard image credit: Josh Gard image credit: Josh Gard image credit: Josh Gard image credit: Josh Gard

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  • Turbohat

    A great update (I used Twitteriffic before switching to Twitterfon) but still a few things missing before I will switch back.

    1. Integrate ReadItlater as well as Instapaper (Instapaper doesn't work on IE and I have to use this at work)
    2. Enable posting of comment to twitpic images (as Twitterfon does)

    The UI of Twitteriffic is great. Very attractive. If these two feature were implimented I'd switch back permanently.

    • Wow, good points – never realized either of those were missing. Thanks for sharing.

  • jojo10040

    whats the diff between the free version and the premium. when i go into the app store, the description of the apps features are the same. has anyone noticed that? so whats really the diff between the two versions?

    • Pretty sure the only difference is ads or no ads, no ads in Premium version – but double-check that at their site or wherever.

  • Something that stops me from using Twitterrific is the huge amount of data it uses. One single tweet took a total of 28 KB to read and in TwitterFon 18 tweets took 34 KB! I'm not sure but it looks like Twitterrific doesn't cache thumpnails and perhaps there is the reason.

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