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Prowl App for iPhone Updated – Quiet Hours Settings Bug Fixed

Prowl app updated

Prowl “ a very nice iPhone Growl client app “ recently got a good update, that added the ability to set ‘redirections ‘ “ so that when you get alerts on new Twitter replies, for instance, you can choose the app on the iPhone to launch them with.

Another big new feature in that last update was the ability to set ‘Quiet Hours ‘ during which you do not want to receive visual or audio alerts.  Unfortunately this was not usable due to a bug in the Settings portion of the app “ so it crashed back to the home screen when you tapped on that area.

Last night Prowl got another update “ to Version 1.1.5 “ which fixes the bug.  I ‘ve tested it out and Quiet Hours / Settings work fine now “ and this very helpful new feature is fully usable.  Good stuff.  Small, but very welcome update.

You can grab this latest version of Prowl “ for $2.99 “ HERE.

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