Whenever I get together with friends who own iPhones, we end up spending tons of time playing apps ‘Show and Tell ‘ “ sharing our favorite apps back and forth.  Appsfire is a new app “ for the iPhone and Mac and Windows PCs “ that makes it super easy to share your favorite iPhone […]
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Review: Appsfire = Easiest Way to Share Your iPhone App Recommendations

Appsfire for iPhone

Whenever I get together with friends who own iPhones, we end up spending tons of time playing apps ‘Show and Tell ‘ “ sharing our favorite apps back and forth.  Appsfire is a new app “ for the iPhone and Mac and Windows PCs “ that makes it super easy to share your favorite iPhone app recommendations with your friends, or with ‘everyone ‘ out there on the interwebs.

The app is a breeze to use on both desktop and the iPhone, and takes app sharing to a new level. 

The first thing to know about using Appsfire is that it cannot be used ‘standalone ‘ on the iPhone “ you need to also have the desktop app installed.  If you fire up the iPhone app before installing the desktop version, you ‘ll just see this screen, advising you on what ‘s needed and offering the URL of the site you need to visit to grab the desktop app.

Appsfire on iPhone

Fortunately, the desktop apps “ for Windows and Mac “ are free, and easy to install.  When you first launch the desktop app, it will spend a short while registering your installed apps and then you ‘re ready to go.

From that point on, everything is very simple, point and click stuff.  Click on ‘Stop ‘ if you want the app to stop running.  Use the ‘Force rescan ‘ button to have it look at and register all your installed apps again. The main action button is ‘Go to your Appsfire page ‘


Your Appsfire page is out on the web, and it shows you a simulated iPhone screen.  That screen shows all your installed apps “ you just keep scrolling vertically to see them all and click on them to select them in a list to share.  Selected apps will be highlighted with a red border round their icons. The site walks you through all the steps needed to select some favorites to recommend and share them in various ways.

Appsfire site

You can bookmark your Appsfire page, so it ‘s easy to get back to it without going into the app itself.  If you never put a foot wrong in your app purchases, you can hit the Select All button on this main screen “ or use Select None to start again if you realize maybe some of those choices are not so hot.  You can also choose to name your list and share it via a good range of options:

  • Social networks “ Twitter, Facebook and Delicious
  • Email
  • A widget to embed on a web site
  • A link


On the iPhone app, things are just as easy.  The app has just 3 main sections, all one tap away via the bottom nav bar: Share, Discover, and Request.

In the Share area, again you just scroll through your installed apps list and select the apps you want to recommend with a single tap.  When an app is selected, the checkmark icon to the right of it shows up nicely ticked for you.

Appsfire iPhone app

As soon as you ‘ve selected even one app, you ‘ll get the popup button to share your selection via email.

The Request section offers the chance to request recommendations via email, Twitter or Facebook.  I haven ‘t tested this one out at all “ but presumably it ‘s just a prompt to your friends to get Appsfire and share back with you.

The Discover section, as the name suggests, offers up some ‘here ‘s some we made earlier ‘ app recommendation lists for your viewing pleasure.  So you ‘ve got things like Top 15 apps installed globally, Top 15 apps clicked in your region, and even some lists created by some random, super-cool, and handsome experts from around the web (cough, cough).


Once you pull up one of these lists, a single tap on an app will take you straight to its App Store page. 


Here are a few things that I think could do with some improvement in Appsfire:

I ‘d like to see more sharing options within the iPhone app.  Currently email is the only method available “ it would be good to see the same range that is offered via the web site.

When you ‘re viewing a ‘discover ‘ list, I would prefer if a single tap on an app brought up a description of the app first, before jumping straight out to the App Store.

There ‘s no easy way that I ‘ve spotted to edit an existing list.  You need to just create a new one I think.  It would be nice to be able to edit a previously created list.

I ‘m not overly fond of the fact that “ on the Mac “ the app runs as a service, constantly running in the background.  I don ‘t need or want that.  If it installed as a standard app, I ‘d be perfectly happy manually launching it if I needed to rescan my installed apps.  I know that this “ as well as additional sharing options for the iPhone app “ are things that the developers are looking at for future releases.

Lastly, it does not always recognize and list all of your apps.  A few reasons why your list may be incomplete include (per the developer):

  • You have not synced your iPhone recently (needs to be a recent backup) and some iphone apps are "only" on your iPhone
  • Your iPhone is jailbreak (we then can miss some)
  • Your backup is encrypted (harder to read)
  • Your apps come from local app stores we are still not indexing (solved over time)

My iPhone is jailbroken, so for now I ‘ll just live with the incomplete listing and hope that this may improve in future.

Overall, I like the concept of Appsfire a lot, and I ‘m sure it will come in very handy and provide lots more show and tell opportunities for me.

Apple may let you ‘tell a friend ‘ about an app you like, one at a time, but if you ‘ve got way more than one app you want to shout about, Appsfire is going to serve you well.

You can find Appsfire HERE in the App Store, and it ‘s a free app.

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