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Free Reign – Free iPhone Apps Roundup #10

Free Reign 10

This is Free Reign #10, ladies and gentlemen. We’re gathered here today on this page to celebrate a decade of the finest free apps coverage known to man. Okay, so it’s really more like three months (we skipped at least two weekends), but “hurray number #10” all the same. This week’s selected free apps are:

By the way, if you’ve got any useful free apps that you think are interesting and would like us to cover, tell us so in the comments.



Concept: A quick and easy way to free up some system memory without rebooting.
Strengths: Open the app, choose to free up to 15 or 30 MB, and then do a little dance.
Non-strengths: Only frees a max of 30 MB. Can’t scroll past advertisement.
Overall: The thing about MemorySweep is that it’s a free memory clearer, and Apple has been on the hunt for these apps, so you’d better get it now and just decide later if you’re going to use it.

Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy

Concept: A Paint-like program for the iPhone, but with collaborative possibilities, too!
Strengths: Well-rounded little app with chalk, eraser, smudge tool, and cute stamps. Collaboration is easy and fun over local wi-fi; text chat included.
Non-strengths: Gets a bit laggy with smudge tool when collaborating.
Overall: An entertaining doodling app to pique interest in creating more art on the iPhone.

Wikipedia Mobile
Concept: The official Wikipedia app for the app, from the Wikimedia foundation.  Completely open source project, ‘built by the community’.
Strengths: It’s the official app.  Nice layout, with ‘Featured Today’ and ‘In The News’ sections, as well as the standard searchable content.
Non-strengths: It’s a little slow in places, with load times for various pages and views – and does not feel as nicely tailored to the iPhone screen as some others do as yet.
Overall:  A solid app, in amongst various good choices in this particular area.

Concept: Basic app that makes it easy to discover and send off your iPhone’s UDID (unique identifier) – which is what is needed if you want to become a registered beta tester for an app, for example.
Strengths: Offers more complete set of info on your device (including model, Model ID, firmware version, and storage space details) than other rival apps.
Non-strengths: Does not let you copy the UDID or other info – only offers the option to send by email.
Overall: Handy little app if you don’t want to mess with cabling up your iPhone and finding / copying the UDID from iTunes.

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