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MacBook To Get New Design Soon?

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is redesigning the MacBook. The redesign would change both the exterior and interior of the notebook, making it look more modern while rebuilding the internals.

People familiar with Cupertino-based company’s plans say the 13-inch portables are presently undergoing an industrial design overhaul that will see them reemerge in the coming months with a slimmer, lighter enclosure and restructured internal architecture to boot.

The report also mentions the likelihood of several models, all with price points lower than the current $999 price point.

Though details are few and far between, Apple is expected to achieve these markdowns through largely existing tactics, such as using lower-end components and previous-generation Core 2 Duo chips and architectures from Intel Corp. Battery life should receive a boost from cutting-edge technology that recently found its way into the company’s other notebook offerings, while high-end legacy features like FireWire connectivity are likely to be sacrificed in the tradeoff.

These white polycarbonate MacBooks have been neglected recently. Especially after the introduction of Aluminum MacBooks and MacBook Pros in Octerber 2008. Then with the aluminum MacBook rebranded to MacBook Pro last June, the white MacBook has sat by itself waiting for attention.
I can see a small price drop but not the kind of price drop AppleInsider claims. Apple isn’t about to use cheap parts, or admit to it anyway.

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