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iStat removes its best feature with v1.1 update


The popular iPhone monitoring tool, iStat, has just released v1.1 to the App Store, and with the update has removed their most valuable feature – Free Memory. This is likely to anger at least a few users, including myself, who bought it for this exact purpose.

The company behind iStat, Bjango, have posted the reasons for the memory feature’s removal on their blog and surprise, surprise, Apple was behind this decision. Quoting from the website :


iStat ‘s Free Memory function was removed at Apple ‘s request.

This decision was completely out of our hands. Please note that all other apps with Free Memory appear to have been removed or updated without their Free Memory function too.

This was not taken lightly ”we examined our choices, taking a lot of public feedback on board. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we do not plan to remove any other features from iStat.

If you choose (and you haven ‘t already updated), you can continue to run iStat version 1.0. You ‘ll miss out on new features, but you ‘ll get to keep the Free Memory feature.

We are very committed to ensuring iStat is the best iPhone and iPod Touch monitoring tool. Free Memory has been removed, but a lot of other useful features will be added in its place.


Once again Apple takes matters into its own hands, this time restricting memory freeing features on all iPhone Apps. I personally won’t be upgrading, as this was my reason for purchasing the app in the first place. But it does frustrate me that thanks to Apple’s hardline approach I won’t have access to the new features, especially the long awaited, battery stats. I have no doubts there will be many who share this view.

The features included in the upgrade (if you decide to install it) :

  • Added battery stats for iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Added processes list for iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Added the ability to sort the server list by name or auto.
  • Added the ability to disable Screen lock.
  • The email ID/Mac/both buttons now copy to the clipboard instead.
  • Updated icon.
  • Bug fixes.

Image source : www.bjango.com

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  • I won't be updating, either. And now I've lost the ability to "update all".

  • I noticed this last night too — and what a disappointment. Like you, I bought it primarily for the free memory feature. I'll probably end up upgrading since as my OCD will get the best of me as I can't deal with having a badge attached to my app store icon. :p At least there are some new cool features added instead of just taking the free memory function away.

  • teejayhanton

    Yet another reason to Jailbreak. If you install SBSettings, you can view what processes are running and free up memory that way.

    • Yeah – it really is another reason to JB. Freeing up memory – especially as quickly and painlessly as iStat and Free Memory do it – is a big timesaver over having to reboot. I've got SBSettings, but I'l be trying to hold onto the 'old school' versions of Free Memory and iStat as long as possible.

    • That is true, but I've found SBsettings to nit be as effective as istat. At least when u push the free memory button. I was down to 57mb free ram and used the SBsettings free memory button. It got me to 104mb free. I immediately launched istat. It measured me at 87mb free. It's use took me to a whopping 153mb free. HUGE difference in performance if u ask me. I'm sure if u killed all processes except "phone" manually in SBsettings you could probably get better results. But needless to say….I won't be upgrading!
      See, this is why it took me literally years to give in and buy an iPod(was my first apple product purchase). I hated how they ultimately had control over how you could use your device. Only through iTunes, let's limit the formats, blah blah. It just always felt as if there aren't many end-user rights with the level of control that the try to exude upon us!! Thank God for jailbreaking!!
      Someone smack the ish out of Apple for me!! Thanks!

  • Dig-dangit, Apple! Sheesh! Where is Uncle Phil in all this? Can't he tar and feather the butthole who made this decision??? Ughhhh!!!!!

  • Thankfully I still have SBSettings Processes toggle on my Jailbroken device so I updated. Is sad to see this feature disappearing from iStat though.

  • Ditto. I won't update unless I have to.

  • Michael

    Yea, I have a bit of OCD in me too. I am going to hold off on all urges to update though!

  • William

    Updated. Saw the change. Deleted app.

  • I installed the update last night and spent 20 minutes trying to find the free mem button before going to their support site just to find out it's gone. And I'd already emptied the trash on my Mac, so the old install file is gone. 🙁 I have no need for this app w/o that feature. Very disappointing.

  • that sucks.. the only good thing I have going is.. that I have the free memory program on the iphone too… as I will absentmindedly click "update all" at some point and totally shag it up.. if free memory was removed from the app store.. at least that will not update…

  • I updated and saw that, was angry and began to vent on twitter. then i realized I still didn't empty out the trash, so I deleted the app on the phone and iTunes, and restored v1.0.

    Lucky I didn't empty trash yet. But now I can't ever do 'Update All' again. *sigh*

    thanks, apple.

  • SkydiverTilt

    Did they pull the update? It no longer shows up on my app store updates and I haven't updated!!!

    • It 'went away' for a little bit for me as well, but it's back showing up now – just App Store flakiness I imagine.

  • I knew it was Apple's decision as soon as I realized the functionality was gone. I'm just grateful I updated it on my iPhone, not through iTunes. As soon as I checked the new features and saw you couldn't free memory anymore, I immediately deleted it from my iPhone and reinstalled v1.0 via iTunes sync. I won't be updating it (again) either.

  • 1pitch1spot

    So my question, being new to Apple consipiracy theories, is WHY would Apple do this? What harm does it potentially cause? I understand why we don't get tethering (i.e. takes revenue away from AT&T) … etc. … but why this? What problems does Apple see that we (just I?) don't see?

    • Apple made it clear right from the beginning that apps would not be allowed system level access, would not be allowed to operate outside of their own 'sandbox' in effect. The better question for me, as I've mentioned in the post, is how these apps were ever allowed to offer the ability to free memory.

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  • Just jailbreak and get "Free Memory" for free in SBSettings.
    Problem solved:

    MikeCTZA and others above agree 😉