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Quick Look: AppCritics, worldwide App Store reviews in one place


If you’re shopping around for an app but aren’t satisfied with the number of reviews available to you in the <insert country name here> App Store, you can either search the web for review sites like ours, browse (or troll) forums, or check out the other app reviews from other iTunes App Stores around the world. The latter (although the App Store reviews aren’t always the most coherent or thought out) just a little easier to pull off on the iPhone with AppCritics.


How it works

Instead of creating 62 different iTunes accounts (which is tough without addresses and credit cards), you can just download AppCritics and search for the particular app you’d like to review. All the app stores will load up in a list showing the number of reviews posted in each country. Loading the list up for the first time can take around 10 seconds on 3G, but the lists do get cached for faster loading later on.


Tapping on a particular country will display all the available reviews, and there’s even a translate button that will generate a translation into one of 31 languages in case you can’t read what’s on your screen. You can also view details such as price,  original release dates, current version, seller, and application size, but you can also find that info on the App Store.

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Who is this for?

Frankly, this isn’t an app I think I’d be using on a day-to-day basis, as I really only search for reviews when I’m looking for apps to cover or use, but I can see two major uses here. For those of you (developers?) who want an easy to monitor the app reviews and star ratings from around the globe, AppCritics does feature a “Favourite” feature so that you can monitor certain apps quickly and easily. AppCritics could also be useful if you’re wondering how an app works in a certain country. A lot of media and location-based apps might only work in certain places, or might have poor coverage outside of North America, and that’s not necessarily something that mainstream sites will review (how could they?). So if people over in the UK are unhappy about Program Y’s coverage of local restaurant menus, one of the places they might go to report their complaints is the App Store review section. Of course, finding those useful reviews amidst all of the “omg this app ttly hung my iphone!!!!!” is another story altogether.


I don’t think we’ll see AppCritics on the top ten list anytime soon, but that’s really more because of the niche it fills. It’s not going to be something that most users will need, but for those who are interested in other angles on iPhone apps, AppCritics could be your go-to tool.

AppCritics is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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