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Latest Stupid App Store Rejection – eWallet, for Using an iPhone Icon That’s Been In the App for Over a Year

eWallet iPhone Icon

Apparently someone is on a graphics kick over at the Apple iPhone app approval center. Thanks to the iPhone card icon in our application, Apple has rejected the eWallet update. Even though the icon has been there since we released eWallet (the week the AppStore went live), apparently the icon is now a problem so we have to remove it.

Impressive.  Another ‘hey look “ that ‘s against the rules ‘ moment of inspiration among App Store reviewers.  After only a little over a year, they ‘ve spotted that small and harmless-looking iPhone icon, shown in the screencap above, in the eWallet app and rejected an app update because of it.

Nice to know that those poor, overworked 40 reviewers have at least got some good priorities, some really nasty stuff to crack down on.  Lord knows what sort of damage that icon might have caused if it was left in the wild for another year or so. 🙁

Here ‘s another bonus in all of this for Ilium Software, the developers of eWallet:

The frustrating thing is that it took weeks to find this out and may take weeks to find out if the change we make is good enough. Crazy store requirements aren ‘t anything new “ we ‘ve been dealing with those for years (and not just from Apple). What is a problem is this whole ‘wait a month to get your product out while Apple lumbers through the review process. ‘

As we were just talking about on the weekend, Apple really needs to find some (much) better ways to deal with updates and speeding them through. 

For more details on this latest dopey decision, check out Marc ‘s post on it over at The Ilium Software Blog.

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  • Our app (Boombox Pro – http://tinyurl.com/n22n45) was rejected for a similar reason. We had an instruction screen that included the standard iPhone Settings icon. Even though we were using it to represent the iPhone's Settings app, they rejected our app for a bug fix updgrade, even though we had been using that icon for months in previous releases. We removed the icon and the app was approved shortly thereafter.

    • Sorry you were forced to struggle with this as well, but glad to hear you got your update through.

  • wectorman

    I have 10 months to finish my plan with the Iphone and I have decided not to use an Iphone after finishing my plan. It is because I do not like their attitude in making money. Their rules are really stupid. The phone itself has a potential but they let it to be done by jailbreaking. I was using Nokia and I will be using Nokia again very soon. Will never buy any Apple product. They make money now, but when people get frustrated with their attitude I am sure Apple will start loosing…. Iphone is a nice phone but they make me start hating it.

    • Wow – frustrated enough to switch to a Nokia. That's a big change.

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