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Snow Leopard Ships with Vulnerable Version os Flash

The antivirus company Sophos is reporting that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is shipping with a previous version of Flash. The problem? Flash has been updated since then, patching several security vulnerabilities. The biggest problem is that, an upgrade installation of Snow Leopard on top of Leopard installation containing the most recent Flash Player, downgrades Flash to the earlier version without warning the user.

Unfortunately during the course of that update (and unknown to you) Apple downgraded your installation of Flash to an earlier version (version, which is known not to be secure and is not patched against various security vulnerabilities.

The version you should be running is the latest version of Flash Player for Mac –

Mac users are not informed that Snow Leopard has downgraded their version of Flash without permission, and that they are now exposed to a raft of potential attacks and exploits which have been targeted on Adobe’s software in recent months.

So, you should check if you are running the latest version of Flash and update as you see fit.

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