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Music Video Made with 21 MacBooks

Here is a music video made by “THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!”. All of the band members are Mac users and fans of the platform.


At first glance of Circles, one might notice that the band is surrounded by the glow of laptops. The video was recorded via Apple Mac Books Photo Booth – the same program most users utilize to dilapidate their face for their MySpace page. This has created a whole new kind of artistic expression, courtesy of THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!

Filmed at Ante Up Audio in Cleveland, it took 21 borrowed Mac Books to create this masterpiece, which was directed and edited by Bryan Porter of Enigma Digital Media. The result is nothing short of stunning. However, due to the intense strobe effects, this video would unlikely be played on television (it comes with a warning for those with epilepsy or vertigo).

This goes to show, when you combine great tools with great talent, magic happens.

You can check out THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!’s other works on their Myspace page here.

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