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Anniversary Contests – Win a Free Copy of BNO News for iPhone

BNO News Push alerts

5 Free Promo Codes for BNO News To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Wednesday September 9, 1:00pm US Central

We have a saying here on the site that goes like this: ‘If Frank Catalano asks, we deliver ‘.   Well no we don ‘t really “ but it sounded cool, and Frank did ask recently if we could get a contest going for the excellent BNO News app “ so here you go.

BNO News delivers world news headlines faster than any other iPhone app I ‘ve seen, sends them to you as push notifications, and lets you choose whether to have a ‘Sleep Time ‘ period where it will temporarily ignore notifications.  It ‘s been a stalwart for me in delivering up-to-the-minute news to my iPhone.

Read on for the very simple rules on how to enter for a chance to win

How To Win:

*** Just add a comment to this post, making sure to fill out the ’email address ‘ field(don ‘t worry, it won ‘t be displayed and we won ‘t use it for any other reason than to contact you if you win) “ and you ‘re in with an entry for our random drawing of winners on Wednesday. ***

That ‘s it! We ‘ll draw our five winners on Wednesday (9/9/09) sometime after 1:00 pm US Central time.

*** Please Note: The promo codes are only available for the US App Store, so you will need a US-based account to make use of them “ keep this in mind when entering the contest.

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  • Yes!!! You are AWESOME Patrick. I have been waiting for this contest 🙂 Best iPhone Blog out there!

  • …Finally got a "suitable node" so this page would load (whatever that means).

    Have they started charging for this service yet? I heard it was going to require a subscription. Also, is there a way to customize the types of news you would like to receive like sports, entertainment, iPhone, etc.?

  • It's over folks – Frank wins all 5 codes for that last line. Joke! 🙂 Thanks for the very kind words Frank.

  • In my experience, whenever you see the 'suitable nodes' wording, it means that something in Rackspace's data center is quite unsuitably shagged / knackered / buggered / not functioning optimally. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience and hassle with that. Sadly, it seems to have become a once a week event these last few weeks. Always on a Monday or Tuesday. I'm hoping they will get that figured out and squashed very soon. It is not a site (as in our site) issue at all.
    As for your questions: they have not started charging for anything as yet. I'm not sure when or if they will. There is not a way to filter the sort of news, or alerts, that you want to receive – at least that I'm aware of. Closest I've seen – which is not very close – is an ability to opt in (it's turned off by default) to getting low priority alerts.

  • i want it

  • RyanW

    Very nice!

  • Steve Whinfield

    What can we do to have something you want us to have? We give you what u want

    • I'm sorry – I don't really understand that question, or even know if it is meant as a question.

  • MikeyB

    sorry i think im lost i was looking for the palm pre app blog

  • Would be a great addition to my iphone!! Count me in!

  • Kerry

    Oh, Yes Please!

  • I'd love to be in the running!

  • Angie

    Whoa! Nice pick for a contest! As an admitted Twitter addict, I adore BNO for their scoops. The BNO iPhone app, with push, is full of WANT!

  • r. caputo

    im in!

  • Dedicated follower of BNO news! Pick me pick me!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Been wanting to download this and just haven't done it yet. Would really like a free copy! Keep up the great work guys your almost always the first with the news!

  • Mark

    Yes please!

  • obee1

    This sounds way better than that horrid AP Mobile app I have.

  • Karey

    Hell Yes! I've been wanting this app, but hadn't pulled the trigger. Sweet!

  • crloga

    I'll take it.

  • Serge

    Anyone know what Theme that is in the photo? I want it!

    • Hi Serge – I replied to your email on this as well, but just in case: this is the Glasklart theme, with the Winterboard 'User Wallpaper' item turned on as well. The wallpaper being used is one I found in a nice free collection in Cydia. I think it's just called 'Mac Wallpapers' or something similar.