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Another Jailbreak App: Lock Calendar – View Upcoming Calendar Events From Your Lock Screen


As part of my ongoing foray into the iPhone jailbreaking underworld, I’m stumbling across all sorts of amazing apps, some very useful, some just plain fun. A commenter on my personal blog tonight referred me to one such jailbreak app called Lock Calendar.

As the name suggests, Lock Calendar adds an overlay to your lock screen that displays your upcoming calendar events. The dates, times, event title, and locations are clearly shown as you can see from the screen shot above. This makes seeing what you have coming up as quick as pressing the home button to turn on your iPhone’s screen.

This is a feature I used to have on my Windows Mobile phones from years past, and never knew how much I missed it until getting my original iPhone in 2007. Since I basically live in my calendar during the work week, having quick access to my upcoming events is key to my productivity.

Lock Calendar adds a settings pane within the main Settings app, and provides quite a bit of customization, including choosing which calendars to display events from, the maximum number of events, the layout of the screen, and more.


Lock Calendar uses very little memory doesn’t seem to be causing any negative effects to my iPhone. I’m very glad to have been directed to this app, and I certainly recommend it to other jailbreakers as well, if you’re not currently using another lock screen utility.

Lock Calendar can be found in the Cydia Store in the BigBoss repository.

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  • thanks ,, had this on the 3G ,,, wil run it on the 3Gs

  • I used this app, but have also found a nice alternative: Lock info
    Here's a screenshot of it: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30639940&am
    You can see it here too http://www.hackthatphone.com/3x/themes_with_winte

    Hope this comment is not going in the spam folder for all the links πŸ™‚

    • seriously good looking skins! Will prob check those out if i JB

  • coolio, is it free?

  • I went there first after my first jailbreak on the 3G. But my first install after the jailbreak on my 3GS was Intelliscreen. Intelliscreen did the same thing for me as you… gave me back the one thing i missed from my multi-generations with WinMo. You can even hit tap the clock twice to flip it and show your sports scores and this blog feed. The way it shows me email for address I don't normally use for sending is awesome because it allows me to always get to my main email address through the apple mail app, i am not explaining that last one well but if you use multiple email addresses you will understand once you use it. I am really surprised I don't hear more about it.

    • Just took a look at IntelliScreen, and it looks really interesting. More than just calendar, it also shows email, weather, sms, news on the lock screen. I might have to try this out. Hesitant about the 9.99 cost though, for a jailbreak app. But I suppose it's only the cost of 2 days starbucks, so not that big of a deal! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the tip!

  • oops… wanted to add the link

  • wish you could have my todo calendar on there instead.

  • Yep

  • Petr

    This app is free and I have to say, that it's grat!

  • This might prove itself useful. I check my calendar all the time lol.

  • I've had Lock Calendar installed on my JB iPhone for a while now, it is really useful to see upcoming appointments at quick glance !!

  • Steve

    I've been using this for a couple of weeks, and am finding it incredibly useful..

  • i already installed it too..got to try 3 days..

    • Hey Diego, thanks for the tip! I just took a look at Lockinfo, and while it has lots of good info, it seems too busy for my tastes. Some people may appreciate the amount of info they can display, but it just doesn't feel "iphone-like" or "mac-like" to me. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, but you can select the stuff you want to show up from the setting menu. I think it adds some professional-looking to the iphone.

  • Misty

    If I didn't already buy Intelliscreen, I might've tried this out. Intelliscreen adds e-mail and message previews, weather, and news clips though. If you don't mind paying, Intelliscreen is well worth it. This sounds like a neat free alternative and is far better than nothing.

    I can't understand why Apple didn't think to include something like this to begin with, but, then again, I think that about a lot of jailbreak apps I see.

    • Hey Misty, as another commenter above pointed me to Intelliscreen, I agree that it looks pretty cool! I'm going to check it out, I like the ability to quickly view the weather and email in addition to upcoming calendar events. Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

  • David

    Besides SBS Settings, this is by far one of the best jb apps out there.

  • drkrjones

    A little off topic, but does anyone know of an app that does this on a "virgin" iphone?

    • closest thing I can think of is gcalwall, which is actually programmed by one of the writers here at JAiB (little disclaimer for ya :P). It's not automatic like these solutions, but it does make wallpapers out of your calendars which you then have to manually change every couple of days. Least you don't have to jailbreak πŸ˜›

      If you're looking for a calendar replacement program, though…maybe try Pocket Informant?

  • drkrjones

    All of this talk about jailbreak makes me wonder is there a great jail break solution? Least amount of hang ups, resets and the like…

  • Best jailbreak to use depends on what firmware you're running and your iPhone model. My experience is that the Dev Team's solutions are always the easiest and most solid.