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BNO News Contest – Winners


Once again, thanks to all for some great participation “ and huge thanks to Neil and Daniel and the team at BNO News for generously sponsoring this contest for us!

Here are our winners:

  • darklinkhx
  • aflorence
  • MikeyB
  • Kerry
  • Jim

Winners “ congratulations, and please keep an eye on your inboxes, as you ‘ll be receiving an email from us very soon with your codes. Also Please Note: BNO News are giving each of you a promo code AND a lifetime subscription as well. More detail on that in the email you ‘ll get.

We still have a few more of these contests coming up “ so stay tuned.

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  • Patrick, can you give my code to someone else?

    It is just my luck that I would win a contest I accidentally signed up for. I'm thrilled that I won, but I already had the app (and hadn't used it… until today) and was only posting a question about it, which was answered. But, if you could, I would like for you to draw another winner that can make use of it.

  • I am going to get this app b/c Patrick highly recommends!!! I am not liking how AP gives me a push notification 20 min after the story broke & I am watching it on TV. I am a news junkie so I need a news app to keep up with my addiction. I think it is worth the buy 🙂