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Digit Defenders = A Feel Good iPhone App for Parents on a Friday

Digit Defenders

At sites like this one, we get a fair number of new app approaches on a continual basis.  Some approaches (and the apps they ‘re pitching) are good, some are bad, some are bizarre and ridiculous.  Some we don ‘t even get a chance to give proper attention to at hectic times. So, for me it ‘s a very nice to occasionally give a bit of a shout-out to an app that didn ‘t come from one of the big powerhouse dev companies, but still caught my eye and impressed me.

Sometimes it ‘s just a small, personal element that pulls an app out of the crowd and makes us take a look.  Digit Defenders is an app that falls into that category for me.  It grabbed my attention “ and has kept it “ because I ‘m a very proud dad to a lovely daughter who has just started first grade a few weeks ago, and this app is a fun learning tool for her.

Here ‘s a quick Intro to what the app is all about:

Digit Defenders is a wildly fun game of falling math problems, the object is to
answer problems correctly before they fall off the screen. The game is both
educational and a fun game and has content reach applicable for kids as young as
3, to as old as college level.  Levels include simple counting, elementary and
advanced arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, number base conversion.

The key levels are the counting levels, which we ruthlessly refined to hold the
attention of young children.  We used familiar emojis as the icons, custom
sounds for each icon (cats meow, dogs bark, planes fly), and use simple,
brightly color-coordinated number pad to give children the best experience

My daughter (Zoe) and I played around with this app a bit last night and both enjoyed it.  We ‘ll likely review it sometime soon “ but in the meantime I can say that the game is simple and a little plain-jane looking, but it ‘s fun and it kept Zoe interested “ in math! “ for a good little spell last night, as we worked our way through several initial levels.

First Grade is a big adjustment for Zoe, as I imagine it is for lots of kids, and any tools we can find to help her progress and hopefully excel in her work are like gold dust.  We ‘re only just getting to know it, but Digit Defenders looks like it may become another useful tool (amongst quite a few) that Zoe has on her iPhone “ and the first one that deals with Math.

I ‘ve had a number of good approaches recently from developers of some excellent apps for kids (reviews on a few coming soon) “ so today I just wanted to talk a little about this most recent one.

If you ‘ve got youngsters who are just getting to grips with math (or potentially for levels well above that), Digit Defenders is well worth a look.  You can find it HERE in the App Store, priced at $1.99.

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  • Patrick:

    As a Dad of a first-grader, I too am interested in kid-friendly apps (especially math! I'm a former HS math teacher)… and my wife, our son's librarian, has taken an educational interest in the iPhone (or iTouch) as we witness the interactions among him, his 2 year-old brother, and technology. Keep up the phenomenally good work! I'm hooked on your blog!

    • Jay – thanks very much for the kind words! I really believe the iPhone OS (on iPhones and Touches) is a superb educational tool, for kids and folks of all ages.