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Toodledo App Gets A Big Update, Adds New Sound Effects For Push Notifications, Lots of Bug Fixes


Toodledo, the iPhone app for the similarly-named task manager website, has just received a fairly large update, to version 1.5.4. Though only a small increment in version number, this update adds so many new features and bug fixes to take up three screens worth on the Updates tab in the App Store.

The most noticeable new feature is the ability to now select the desired sound effect for push notifications, from a list of about 20 or so very good sounds. Also, if you frequently travel, you’ll appreciate the ability to sync Toodledo to your current timezone, so you’ll receive notifications in the local timezone rather than your home timezone.

A full list of updates/bug fixes follows the break.

  • You can now pick which sound is played when you receive a popup reminder for a task that is due soon.
  • Added option to sync your timezone from the iPhone to the website. This is helpful if you travel and want popup reminders to arrive on time in the local timezone instead of your home timezone.
  • When adding a task, you now have the option to save it and return to where you were, or to go to the task and edit the details further.
  • Emailing a task will now stay inside the app instead of switching to the Maill app.
  • Fixed a bug with lists occasionally being blank when sorting by “folder, importance” or “folder, due-date”.
  • Fixed bug where the keyboard would hide the bottom half of a new note in landscape mode.
  • Fixed bug where the task list in a list might be hidden below the toolbar after doing a search.
  • Fixed bug where having a start page of “Folders” would sometimes start to the last folder you were in instead of the list of folders.
  • Fixed bug with the New Zealand timezone where a due-date might be visually displayed to be ne day ahead of what it actually was.
  • Fixed bug where completing a task with “sync on edit” enabled would cause the task to disappear too quickly, with no ability to uncomplete it if it was a mistake.
  • Fixed bug where main screen would flicker when it refreshed its badge counts.
  • Fixed bug where a folder created on the website would require a manual sync before appearing on the iPhone in some situations.
  • Fixed bug with “Sync on Edit” where rapidly editing multiple tasks in a row with a slow network connection may have caused some of the edits to not get synced to the website until the next time you did a manual sync.
  • Fixed some minor cosmetic display issues related to landscape mode.

As you can see, this update packs in quite a few new features, and provides some important and worthwhile bug fixes. Although it’s not specifically stated, I also noticed an overall performance improvement in the app after installing the update. I’m not sure if it’s just something on my iPhone or if the update reset something that was a bit out of whack, but it’s certainly feels faster to me.

You can find this update in the App Store now. It is free to current Toodledo owners, and those who don’t yet own this app can purchase it for $2.99 here. The Toodledo iPhone app can function as a standalone app, or integrate with either a free or pro Toodledo web account. Visit the Toodledo website first to set up your account, then install the app on your iPhone.

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  • Although the push idea makes it more worthwhile… I'm not fond of the web version of Toodledo. For free equivalents, I prefer Evernote, or Reqall. $2.99 for Toodledo seems overpriced to me, but maybe I just don't see enough of its uses to be worth the (minor) investment when other (free) viable options are available.

  • The price for this app actually increased from $2.99 to $3.99 right before the update. The developer typically has increased the price for the app right before an update and then lowered it again about a month later.