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Acrobits Softphone VoIP App Updated With Push Notifcations For Incoming Calls

Acrobits Softphone, the excellent VoIP iPhone app I reviewed back in August, has just received an important update that makes this app so much more beneficial: Push Notifications!

Now you can receive incoming VoIP calls on your iPhone, without having to keep the app running.

I tested out Softphone’s push feature, and it works as expected. Acrobits provided me with the use of their Gizmo5 account, which includes a landline phone number (my own Gizmo account does not include incoming calls, though I can make outgoing calls just fine using mine).

When the Softphone app was open and logged into the SIP gateway over a wifi connection (Softphone won’t work over 3G or Edge due to Apple’s limitations), incoming calls were almost instantaneous, much like any other cell phone or landline.

When I closed the app, and again called the SIP phone number from my Verizon FIOS land line, I received a push notification within seconds showing the caller’s number (pictured above) along with a ringer alert sound. When I tapped the Answer button, Softphone launched and answered the call.

The addition of push notifications has just increased the value of SIP calling, and the Softphone app in particular. I no longer am required to leave the app open to receive a call. If you are a regular user of VoIP/SIP phone service, this app should be on your iPhone.

Of all the VoIP apps I’ve tried on my iPhone, Softphone is the best overall experience, providing a calling interface almost exactly like the iPhone’s Phone app. This makes it intuitive and doesn’t require learning a new app or a new method of making and receiving calls. With the addition of call recording, Softphone is a very powerful app now with push notifications.

One thing to keep in mind however, is that in order to answer the call, you must be connected to a wifi network. I tested the scenario that would occur if I received a SIP call while out and about, connected to 3G but not wifi. I did indeed receive a push alert, indicating who was calling, and when I tapped Answer, Softphone launched. However, the app was unable to connect to the Gizmo VoIP gateway servers, and therefore unable to answer the call.

Acrobits Softphone is available in the iPhone App Store here for $7.99 (the update is free to current users). Softphone works with a variety of SIP accounts, including Gizmo5, voipcheap, sipgate, and most other generic SIP providers, but you must provide your credentials to Softphone in order to use it.

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  • Isthme

    Hope the troubles within Google and Apple will solve the problems for 3G communications. Btw i agree this Softphone Application is my best SIP experience on the IPhone. Very nice piece of software.


  • Pete

    Does this work with 3G un restricker?

  • How the conference call works with softphone? I'm currently using isip which has push notifications but no conference calls!

  • Patrick

    Hi I have used at least six other sofphone apps on iphone and acrobits sip is the friendliest to set up and seens to connect easily. I am running on a jailbroken 3GS and with bacgrounder and 3G unrestrictor I am getting reliable calling in / out via cellular network as well as wifi.

  • Airstang

    I have been trying to connect via 3g. I also have 3g unrestrictor on jailbroken 3GS and no luck getting it to work.

    Is AT&T possibly blocking the port?

  • Ed Hurst

    I have been trying to connect via 3g. I also have 3g unrestrictor on jailbroken 3GS and no luck getting it to work.

  • Juergen

    I have this app and proxy does not work. If i use the ip instead of the dns name then it works – but does not help, because i need dydamic ip of my sip server