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Random Monday Thought: How To Improve Shazam

Shazam iPhone app

Shazam has long been one of those ‘wow factor ‘ iPhone apps that most everyone I know uses, loves, or is impressed by if they ‘re not an iPhone owner.

It ‘s simple, free and does one very cool thing very well.

Today I just have one quick random thought / question on this great app: wouldn ‘t it be cool if it had an option to launch in tagging mode?  I imagine most all of us almost always open this app with just one purpose in mind “ to quickly identify a song, before it ends.  I very rarely open it in order to review recent tags or buy music through it, or to use any of its minor features.

So why not have at least an option to fire it up and go straight into tagging mode, with no need to even hit ‘Tag Now ‘ to get that going?  Anyone else want that? 

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  • Yes! That would be sweet.

  • MC303

    Yes. This minor change would make a big improvement. Use your blogging clout to make it happen….

  • Erik

    Awesome Idea! Atleast I wish they would make the Tag Button larger so it is easier to hit as soon as the app does load.

  • Tim Ardan

    I'm using it on my G1 and I agree completely.

  • Agree with your article Patrick & the other users. That would make a big difference. I stopped using Shazam a while back & started to use Midomi b/c if the extra features it offered. I am glad I got Midomi back then when it was FREE now it's $4.99 last i checked.

  • The Blackberry version does this πŸ˜€

    • When I had my Bold, Shazam was only a trial; I had to purchase it if I wanted to keep using it. Is that still the case?

  • Glad to see a few of you agree. I am amazed the word 'Blackberry' made it past the words blacklist thingie in the comments system πŸ™‚

  • ive been having problems w/ shazam finding songs. It keeps saying "this song cannot be tagged" blah blah. its just normal songs that are played on the radio, so i dont know wtf is up πŸ™

    • Sorry to hear that. I've never had any issues with it.

  • Ken

    That was my thought Saturday as I reached out to quickly launch the app before the song finish. I agree.

  • I agree. I have missed a few songs b/c i had to get it to the tagging screen…

    • Yeah – I bet most of us have had those times where it's a real race against the clock while you fumble for a while in your pocket to extract the iPhone, unlock, and fire up Shazam in time to catch a song.

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