I ‘m a huge football fan (of the footie variety, hate referring to it as soccer), and a big England supporter.  My favorite sporting event of all “ and I ‘m a devoted fan of a lot of sports “ is the World Cup.  It ‘s a spectacular showcase of the best players and teams […]
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Need England To Win The World Cup in 2010? There’s An App for That

World Cup Trivia Challenge iPhone app

I ‘m a huge football fan (of the footie variety, hate referring to it as soccer), and a big England supporter.  My favorite sporting event of all “ and I ‘m a devoted fan of a lot of sports “ is the World Cup.  It ‘s a spectacular showcase of the best players and teams from all over the world “ and for the entire three weeks it ‘s on the only place I want to be is in a good pub watching the drama unfold and shouting for England. 

I ‘ve got countless great memories of this awesome event over the years “ from moments of sublime skill to heartbreaking penalty misses (an England specialty unfortunately) – so an iPhone game that is all about World Cup trivia has instant and enormous appeal for me.  World Cup Trivia Challenge is just such a game.  And after several nights of nostalgia this week, it has allowed me to lead England to the FIFA World Cup Trophy. 

This is a game that could have disappointed me very easily.  I ‘ve followed the World Cup closely for a lot of years, and I love trivia “ so I was really hoping that the game would live up the ‘Challenge ‘ portion of its name.

It has not disappointed at all though.  I ‘ve had a blast with the game over the last few nights. 

There are two-player and exhibition modes, but I spent very little time with those “ I wanted to win the World Cup for England, so I was diving into World Cup mode pretty soon after starting with the game.

This is not a Trivial Pursuit style game with flashy graphics.  The visuals in the game are very plain-jane “ but they don ‘t need to be any different.  They suit the game well, clearly showing time left in the match, the current score, and of course letting you know when you (or your opponent) have scored a goal.

World Cup Trivia Challenge for iPhone

As with many games, there is background music, but I found it annoying and turned it off after a short time.  I do like the sound effects “ principally the GOOOOOOOOOAL shout when you score “ though.

In World Cup mode the game follows the pattern of the tournament itself.  You pick your nation “ En-ga-land, En-ga-land, En-ga-land “ and start off with two qualifying games. If you lose either of them you ‘re done before the tournament even starts “ luckily I ‘ve always sailed through these. Once you get through those, you are through to the opening group stage of the tournament.  Just as in the real event, you ‘ll be in a four-team group and play three matches (one against each of the other group members). The rules for qualifying out of your group “ and points awarded for a draw or win “ are faithful to the tournament as well.

Worlc Cup Trivia Challenge on iPhone

You ‘re allowed one substitution and one penalty per game “ the first lets you change out the question; the second lets you remove one of the answers.  Speaking of answers, all the questions are multiple choice with three possible answers. 

I have to mention that I find joy in this game in just reading the questions, as many of them bring back fond memories of players, teams, matches, incidents and so on.  There are reminders of Dutch Masters

World Cup Trivia Challenge iPhone game

Wolrd Cup Trivia Challenge

Italian legends


Swedish meatballs


England favorites


And of course there are plenty of questions that involve the greatest football nation of all.  In fact, there ‘s one small hint for success in the game “ if Brazil is one of the three answer choices, it ‘s usually a good one.

The game becomes progressively harder as you move through the stages, in two ways.  Firstly, the questions seem to get a bit harder at each stage, and more importantly you have less margin for error.  Throughout the stages, it always takes three correct answers for your team to score a goal.  In the early stages, it also requires three wrong answers for the opposing team to score.  As you advance though, the opposing team requires just two wrong answers on your part to score and, when you reach the semi-final and final, it only takes one wrong answer for an opposition goal to be scored.

All the matches are two minutes long (and got to a penalty shootout round of five questions if the scores are level at full time) “ and I ‘ve found this is ample time to hit your early-round opponents for six or seven goals if you ‘re in good form.

If your good form continues in the group stage, you can pile up some impressive goal-difference stats


Once you ‘re through the group stage, it becomes a knockout tournament of course “ lose a game and you ‘re going home.  And you get nice splash screens to let you know the stage you ‘re at


I found the final to be quite tough to win.  I got there a number of times only to get thrashed at the last hurdle “ but eventually won out late last night.  Tense game until the end, 3-2 final, England edgy and hanging on at the end. 🙂 Hurrah. 

As you can most likely tell, I enjoy this game tons.  Even though the 2010 World Cup is still around 10 months away, I ‘m always excited about it and always in the mood to talk World Cup history and trivia.

And even though I ‘ve won it “ just once like a certain Three Lions on the shirt nation “ I ‘ll continue playing it for a while.  The question set in the later stages is challenging enough to keep me interested “ and I just love soaking up the nostalgia throughout the game.

If you like football, or the World Cup, and trivia “ then you ‘ll like this game a hell of a lot.

You can find World Cup Trivia Challenge in the App Store now, priced at $1.99.

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