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Boxcar 2.0 Now In App Store – Push Notifications For Twitter, Facebook, Email


Boxcar 2.0, the major update to this excellent app that delivers push notifications for Twitter, Facebook, and any email account, is now in the app store (link).

If you are a current user, the update is free, and includes the use of one push service – either Twitter notifications, Facebook notifications, or email notifications. To add an additional service, Boxcar uses in-app purchase function to charge a one-time $.99 fee for each additional service you desire.

For new users, Boxcar 2.0 is still only $2.99.

For a full review of Boxcar 2.0, check out this First Looks post I wrote in early September (link).

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  • The link to your review needs a trailing slash in order to work properly.

    • I'm not sure what link you're having trouble with, but I just clicked through every link on the 3 Boxcar posts I've written for the site, and all the links go where they're supposed to. Can you provide me with a specific example?

      • Interesting. I just tried it in Safari and it works fine. However, in
        NetNewsWire, when I click on the link to the review it throws a 404. –

  • Ahhh I wish I knew this was coming out, I wouldn't have spent $2.99 on Prowl the other day…. I like the Push Notification option for Facebook 🙂 I just can't do another $2.99 +$.99 for another Push Notification app. I guess I will be waiting for the next Facebook update or maybe JAiB will have a contest for Boxcar 🙂 LOL

    • Awe, come on, that's still less than the cost of a latte! 😉 Yeah, Jonathan (Boxcar's dev) didn't really know when it would hit the app store, he submitted weeks ago right after I posted my first looks article, but we all know how the app store review process works…. I can say that Boxcar is worth every penny spent. Push for facebook has made that app so much more useful. Push for not only twitter mentions and DMs, but also certain searches for keywords, etc. are pretty sweet. I can be notified immediately whenever a name or keyword is mentioned from anyone, even if I'm not following them! Who knows, maybe we'll be able to do another Boxcar app giveaway… 🙂

  • Josh, Do you know if Boxcar will work with Google Voice for Push Notifications? That is the main reason I bought Prowl b/c it works great with Google Voice. I am really tempted to buy this app….

    • Are you meaning some other notification other than just the email that GV sends you? I have Google Voice and when I get a voicemail, I just get it delivered to my Gmail account. Which sends a Boxcar alert just fine. Or are you talking about something else?

      • Yeah I am using a similar email setup for Google Voice. Would Boxcar work with GV for text notifications. Currently I am using Prowl to send me push notifications when I get a SMS message. Would Boxcar work for that too? Thanks Josh for your help. 🙂

        • Forgive me Frank, but I'm still not sure I understand. So if GV sends you an email notification, then yes Boxcar can push an alert for that. If GV sends an SMS text, doesn't that already just pop up on your iPhone anyway? I'm not sure what other notification you're talking about if not those. I'd like to answer as best as I can, if you could help me understand better. Thanks Frank!

  • Sorry for confusing you so much…. I recently removed my SMS plan with AT&T. I am now just using GV for my texting. I can't use the messages stock app bc I will be charged. So that is why I am trying to figure out if Boxcar will push notify you when u receive a SMS using GV vs the messages stock app.

    • Oh I see what you're saying. Unless GV can forward the SMS to an email address, I don't think Boxcar will be able to do anything. All Boxcar is able to do is send a push notification when it receives an email sent to a secret address that you set your email to forward to. So if your GV SMS messages can be forwarded to an email address then Boxcar might work. But Boxcar has no way to hook into GV directly. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Josh for helping me with my question 🙂