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How to temporarily lock the orientation in the iPhone Photos app

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Here’s a simple tip I hadn’t thought of for viewing pictures like the one of this cardboard MacBook keyboard. The problem is that you don’t always want to view your pictures with the iPhone lying flat on the table, but not all apps have an accelerometer lock button. iPhone developers at Bjango (known here for their cool iStat app) recently wrote a post on their blog about how to test landscape interfaces. It’s a post that’s really for devs, but something in the last paragraph struck me:

Tip: Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to stop the Photos app from rotating the image when you rotate the phone. This lets you view your landscape UI ”that ‘s been saved as a portrait image ”in landscape.

I just replaced the words “landscape UI” with “picture of cardboard MacBook keyboard” and suddenly the pictures on my iPhone became much more accessible. I got all excited and wondered if this trick would work in other apps like Safari, but that idea died a horrible death when Google.com decided to take a trip to Landscapesville even though I tried to pin it down for a portrait. Drat!

[via Bjango blog]

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