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Apple Working on Touchscreen Remote for Apple TV?

The Boy Genius Report is claiming that they have received a mockup of a touchscreen remote that may be included in an upcoming Apple TV refresh. The image shows an iPhone-esque device with a longer thinner screen, which seems like overkill especially since the device would be a peripheral for an appliance that Apple only considers a ‘hobby’. Anyway, this rumor gains some credibility after BGR claims the image came from the same source that accurately predicted iTunes 9 features, prior to launch.

It seems a little far-fetched that this unit’s only purpose would be to control an Apple TV, and you can even see a Safari option on the mockup. To be honest, it looks like a touch screen iPod nano, just longer. We’re going to dig a little bit and see what we can find, but we figured we’d run this with a high dose of caution for informational purposes.

As you may remember, Apple recently removed the 40GB Apple TV model, and dropped the 160GB model’s price by $100. In short, an update may be in the works.
Now for my opinion. This won’t happen. It adds an unnecessary expense on Apple’s fledgeling Apple TV product line. Besides, a touchscreen remote already exists for the Apple TV and iTunes.

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