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Online Ad Suggests Imminent Mac mini, MacBook, and iMac Refreshes

AppleInsider is reporting on new Apple ad sightings at Google.nl suggesting the imminent release of new iMacs, Mac minis, and MacBooks. Apple’s Google text ads seem to always refer to their products as ‘new’, even when they are several months old, but these ads are naming specific features that are currently nonexistent. Here are the translations (courtesy of AppleInsider):

MacBook: Thinner, lighter and stronger! Free delivery. Order today.
iMac: Ultra Thin 20 & 24 inch models. From only ? 1099. Apple Store
Mac mini: Faster and more affordable than ever. From only € 499. Order immediately.

For what it’s worth, currently in the Netherlands Apple online store, the Mac mini sells for €599.

If you have been following this story with us, you will recall these reports have been trickeling in for some time, especially iMac and MacBook redesign rumors.

I’ll wager that the new iMac will look very similar to Apple’s current 24-inch LED Cinema Display design, all display, all-aluminum, that sort of thing. The MacBooks will probably take on a shape similar to the current MacBook Pros, but made out of polycarbonate. The Mac mini is definitely due for a redesign, but I doubt we’ll see one.

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