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WiFiPhoto – Fast, Easy Wireless Photo Transfer from iPhone to PC

WiFiPhoto iPhone app

I do a lot of transferring of photos from iPhone to my Mac, and I rarely sync via USB cable “ so any app that offers good wireless transfer of pics is immediately of interest to me.  WiFiPhoto is just such an app, and Larry Greenberg over at Gear Diary mentioned it earlier and seemed impressed with it “ so I ‘ve been giving it a look today as well.

And I am also impressed

Up to now, my two favorite apps for flinging images quickly from iPhone to Mac have been CopyShare and Flickit.  Copy Share is great for very quick sharing of clipboards amongst multiple iPhones and Macs on the same WiFi network, and great for quick transfer of a single image or block of text or similar.  Flickit has long been a favorite of mine for very fast and easy uploads to the Flickr photo sharing site.  More often than not, if I ‘m doing a post with a lot of screencaps in it, I use Flickit to upload them and then pull them down via a browser over on the Mac.

DropCopy is also a nice option for quick, single image transfer “ and has the added advantage of making transfer easy in both directions (from iPhone to Mac, and from Mac to iPhone).

WiFiPhoto may be the best option yet though for fast transfer of multiple images from iPhone to Mac.  It lets you download full quality photos from your iPhone to any PC on your local WiFi network, and transfer multiple photos at once.

The app is extremely simple to use, but also offers powerful features and options.  You just tap on the + symbol at the top right of its main screen to jump to your Camera Roll (or Photo Library if you make that your preferred folder via in-app settings) and begin selecting photos to transfer.

Just tap on the thumbnails to select photos

WiFiPhoto for iPhone

Once you ‘ve made your selections and tapped Done, you ‘ll see your list of pics, along with information on their dimensions and file sizes

WiFiPhoto iPhone app

Once your images are ready to go on the iPhone, you just open a browser on any PC (Windows or Mac) on the same local WiFi network and browse to your iPhone ‘s IP address and port 8080 (the app gives you a reminder of the exact URL to use on the main Photos screen.  WiFiPhoto ‘s page will come up and show you the set of photos selected for transfer.  From there you just click the ‘Download Zip ‘ link at the top right of the screen to pull down a .zip file containing all the images.


Among the strong set of options to set via the in-app settings page are:

  • Reduce the quality of images if desired “ the trade-off for lesser quality is smaller file sizes and speedier downloads (although these are pretty damn quick even at the full quality setting)
  • Toggle the web server on and off (it should only be on when you need to do a transfer).
  • Change the server port (the default is 8080).
  • Set the photo source (the default is the Canera Roll)
  • Download .zip instantly “ set it to immediately start a .zip download when you connect via a web browser (by default, this is turned off)
  • Set it to open the photo picker on launch (this is off by default)

I have a couple of quick tips to share on WiFiPhoto usage:

  • Leaving the web server toggled off while doing your photo selection makes choosing multiple photos much quicker.  Then when you ‘ve chosen all the images you want to transfer, just flip it on (otherwise transfers won ‘t work of course) and away you go.
  • If you assign your iPhone a static IP address on your home router, you can then bookmark your WiFiPhoto connection page (and add it to a bookmark toolbar if you do photos transfer as often as I do) “ so there ‘s no need to re-enter the URL each time you want to connect.

This is one of those ‘instant favorite ‘ iPhone apps for me.  It will be advancing towards my first home screen quite soon I think.

You can find WiFiPhoto in the App Store now, priced at just $0.99.

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    hello – do you have an updated view, March 2012, on whats the best for MULITPLE images in camera roll, flicking them to my macbook via home wifi.