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Bell and Telus to offer iPhone 3GS in Canada — now can somebody help me get this Rogers chain off my neck?

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Holy Moly. This is big, big, big news. Bell and Telus have officially announced that they will be carrying the iPhone 3GS on their newly upgraded GSM networks, meaning that Rogers (Robbers?) will finally have some competition in the iPhone arena. I doubt this will have much effect on me since I’m already signed into a three-year plan (and AT&T users think two years is bad?!), but I’m just so happy to know that somebody is out there actively trying to kick Rogers in the behind. If either Bell or Telus offer something significantly different in terms of pricing, I might even consider moving to them as soon as next year. I hate it being on Rogers that much, as they have — bar none —  the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Now I’m not saying these two companies are angels and there haven’t been any numbers released as of yet, but my hope is that Canadians will get to see more competitive pricing overall and see more decent plans start to roll out. What kind of “smartphone plan” doesn’t include caller ID anyway? Yeesh.

[news via iPhone in Canada, confirmed also at Globe and Mail]

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  • Just talked to Rogers and it cost $20 per month up to a total of $400 to cancel a contract…

  • Yup, and I honestly dislike them that I might be willing to save up and pay that cost. They messed up my first 3GS order so badly:
    1) they ordered me a 3G instead of a 3GS
    2) they never ever delivered it because…
    3) they cancelled the order on their end without letting me know
    4) but they decided to just take the $200 payment for the iPhone anyway…
    5) it took three months of calling them to finally get a refund

    Truly pathetic service.