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Boxcar 2.0 Now Free After App Store Policy Change


I just saw this post on Jonathan George’s (Boxcar’s developer) Twitter stream (@jdg). It looks like he’s going to try an experiment and offer the premium push notification app, Boxcar 2.0, for free, with additional services increased from $.99 to $1.99. This comes on the heels of a change in App Store policy, allowing even free apps to utilize In-App Purchases (think demo-to-paid trials, anyone?).

I’m a big proponent of Boxcar, having used it from day one to receive push notifications for my Twitter DMs and mentions, my Facebook messages, and select e-mail messages via a forwarding rule in Gmail. Boxcar has made these services so much more productive, essentially eliminating the need for me to even manually check for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

How do I feel about it now being offered for free, even though many have paid in the past? It doesn’t bother me at all. Even at the previous cost of $2.99 and services for $.99, the average cost would be under $5.00. Now that he’s lowered the cost of the app to nothing, and increased the cost of additional services, the average cost for multi-service users will still be about $4.00 or $5.00.

By making Boxcar free, Jonathan is making a move towards extending the reach of his app to those people who would typically not purchase an app that costs anything. Once these users have had a chance to try out the app, like him, I’m pretty sure they’ll end up purchasing add-on services.

If you’ve not yet purchased Boxcar, or haven’t received one of the many copies we’ve promo’d off in the past, then here is your chance to pick it up for free and give it a try!

You can find Boxcar 2.0 in the iPhone App Store here (the price changes may take a little while to propagate through the app store).

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  • Definitely worth checking out. I've always been curious as to how well this works. My gmail already pushes now, and I don't tweet. But I am a semi-regular facebook user. So my question is how do the notifications differ from say, the emails I get from facebook?

    • The push notifications will be pretty much the same as the emails, except the push is pretty instantaneous, and viewing the facebook notification will actually open the Facebook app. Just another perk, makes the whole experience feel more streamlined and integrated. 🙂

  • Maybe I'm just missing something, but I retrieved this app after it went free. I've followed the directions in hopes of getting Gmail to push through Boxcar but am receiving no notifications at all. I'll be contacting the developers since I'm sure I did something wrong! 😉