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IM+ 3.4 for iPhone is out: email push notifications, text to speech in-app purchase

IM+ 3.4

I previewed IM+’s 3.4 update in my review of the app a little while ago. The most notable feature I knew of back then was the text-to-speech feature that they added as an in-app purchase ($0.99/month), but I found the conversion from voice to text to take a little too long to be of any real use to me. However, the 3.4 update does add another feature that I haven’t seen in other IM applications: push e-mail support. Apparently, you can add your Gmail and Hotmail (Yahoo! is coming) accounts to the app and receive push notifications for new e-mails. I haven’t seen what these notifications look like, but it’s a cool little extra feature for people who don’t want to shell out for push-specific applications like Boxcar.

Anyway, the app update is free as usual ($10 if you haven’t bought IM+ before), and you can pick it up now on iTunes.

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  • ArcAngel

    Set this up last night but have yet to see a single push notification for my gmail (despite getting about 40 emails).

  • ouch! really? I might chck the app out tonight to test it as well

  • Zack

    For some reason autocorrection isn't working in IM+ anymore.. anyone else having this problem?

    • Me too, (i'm italian, i suppose it's global)

    • your'e right. It's something I noticed too during hte review of 3.4 a good month or so ago. It's not good that they haven't fixed that yet.

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  • Amy

    autocorrection isn’t working in IM+ anymore and some other problems. I don’t like this newest update….

    • 3.5 is being worked on and supposedly fixes this — although I'm surprised they didn't ge a hot fix for this sooner..