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A Little Update on eWallet for Mac & ListPro for iPhone


Our friend Marc at Ilium Software posted a development update at their blog site, covering several of their apps and various mobile platforms.  Included in there was some further word on the status of eWallet for Mac (so those of thus on Mac can sync with the iPhone version ) and on eWallet and ListPro (their popular list making app) for iPhone.

Marc warns that there are Non Disclosure Agreements and other circumstances that make it impossible for him to provide specifics “ but goes to offer a small status update for both of these.

Here are some of the details

eWallet for Mac: Let ‘s jump right in shall we? Here is the status:

    * We ‘re still planning to release it!
    * We already gave a version to a high level beta team to play with.
    * I ‘m expecting a new build within the next couple weeks.
    * I personally think it rocks.

This is quite literally ALL I can tell you right now. Again “ we ‘re not posting this to convince people to hold out for it “ we ‘re just letting you know what ‘s up!

eWallet for iPhone: We ‘ve heard your requests and we ‘re working on it! As you know we added Copy & Paste recently, and just last week we released eWallet Lite.

ListPro for iPhone: Here is the rundown:

    * It ‘s still in development.
    * A version exists that we ‘re using in-house.
    * Creating a good sync solution is still a VERY challenging issue.
    * We ‘ve set our sites farther than the ‘read only ‘ solution we talked about a long time ago.

I know some folks are losing patience with Ilium on some of these items, and I would definitely liked to have seen eWallet for Mac by now, but I am still very much looking forward to seeing the completed products when they are released.

Despite the long wait for a Mac sync partner, eWallet remains the best mobile password manager app I ‘ve ever used and I ‘ll be looking to switch back to it when a Mac version is released.

Check out Marc ‘s post HERE for more details.

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  • Alan

    What are you using for a password manager right at the moment. I too love eWallet, but I miss it sorely since I got my new Macbook.

  • Dicey

    I’m using eWallet since 2002 (I started with the iPaq-handheld). Right now, I changed from PC to Mac (and I’m really happy) and I tried to sync my iPhone with eWallet (running on Windows on Parallels), but my iPhone can not be found to sync. All the support posts doesn’t help me to solve this problem. šŸ™
    So I really hope that the Mac Version will be available as soon as possible…….

  • Michael

    How is this project coming along? I used to have eWallet for iPhone+PC, but recently switched to a mac. I'm getting nervous about not having a backup copy of my passwords anymore. Do you still plan on releasing it? I really hope so

    • We're not the developers. You'll need to visit the Ilium Software site to find out the latest on this.