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Crazy Big iPhone Numbers – Apple Last Quarter Results Highlights


I ‘ve been browsing through a few articles covering Apple ‘s latest financial results reported yesterday “ and checking out some of the huge iPhone numbers that were announced.  Apple Insider ‘s report provided a great set of iPhone highlights “ which included:

— Apple sold 7.367 million iPhones during the quarter, producing $2.297 billion in revenue. That is a 7 percent increase in units from a year prior, but a massive 185 percent increase in revenue from the same frame in 2008.

— Response to iPhone 3GS tremendous, and officials are very pleased with JDPower’s announcement that iPhone tops the charts.

— The App Store has seen unparalleled success. 85,000 apps are available, with 2 billion downloads to date, including half a billion in September quarter.

— For much of the quarter, most of the countries were very low in inventory and demand outstripped supply. The situation improved in September and there are now 2.4 million units in the channel.

All of that sounds good enough “ but these three points may be the most exciting of all I think:

— Launching in China on Oct. 30 on China Unicom. Going to start with 1,000 points of sale and expand further over the next several months. Plans and pricing range from $18/month to $85/month. No projections on volume, but it is a huge market, so it’s very important to get started.

— Over 50 percent of the Fortune 100 are deploying a pilot program of the iPhone.

— Over 350 higher education institutions have approved iPhones for faculty and students.

Huge sale numbers * before * they ever hit the enormous market in China, a little more toehold in the enterprise arena, and some momentum in the education arena.  If each of those areas has even moderate success, numbers should just get crazier and bigger.

For all the details on iPhone highlights and other notes of interest from Apple ‘s quarterly conference call, see Apple Insider ‘s report HERE.

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  • It's just more proof of what we all know already. What Apple has done in 3 yrs to change the mobile industry is amazing… Apple has developed a superior OS & UI design that no other phone out there has right now. To back up the iPhone there is literally an app for EVERYTHING & no other phone can say there are 85,000+ apps in there store. Don't get me wrong Apple has committed many crimes which we ALL know. I am still pissed off about Google Voice but when I think about it there is no other phone I would be use right now. I use whoever gives me the best phone to use and right now it's still Apple.

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