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Quick Look: World Weather for iPhone

World Weather iPhone app  World Weather for iPhone

I ‘m not a heavy user of weather apps.  I ‘ve had Fizz Weather for a long while and it gives me all the weather info I need, and plenty more.  The World Weather app caught my eye recently though when I saw it mentioned somewhere (just can ‘t recall where now) just because it looked so damn pretty.

I ‘m very glad it did, as the app turns out to be my perfect sort of weather partner on the iPhone.

The reason I say it ‘s my perfect partner is that I really don ‘t usually want 3/4 of the information that ‘s presented by more powerful weather apps.  Most of the time “ when it ‘s not the height of tornado season here in Central Texas “ I ‘m really not fussed with seeing all the different maps and radar views and so forth.  Most of the time I just want a quick rundown of what it ‘s like out, so I can decide whether it ‘s t-shirt or sweat-shirt conditions when walking the hound or similar. 

World Weather on iPhone

But I also find the built-in weather app just a little too plain for my liking.  World Weather is the ideal middle ground solution for me.  It doesn ‘t blind me with too much weather science, but it presents more than enough information for my needs in a really stunning way.  The App Store description for World Weather talks of it as a ‘iPhone weather application with the most amazing, realistic weather animation, breathtaking graphic solutions, very simple user interface ‘.

The app absolutely lives up to those words.  When you launch it you get a powerful, nearly full screen animated image along with just a few summary details on current conditions (current temp, wind speed and direction etc).  A tap on the small arrow towards the bottom of the screen brings up a ‘More Details ‘ type screen that shows you things like: sky (sunny, cloudy etc), humidity, pressure, dew point, visibility, and the current moon phase.  The moon phase is fun to see “ I would never know which nights  are a ‘waxing crescent ‘ without this and I kinda like seeing (and learning) the terms.

 World Weather

If you flip the iPhone into landscape orientation, you get a simple view of the whole week ‘s forecast

World Weather iPhone weather app

World Weather provides weather forecasts for more than 850,000 cities worldwide, and pulls its information from Weather Underground (www.wunderground.com) “ which I gather is one of the better rated sources.

World Weather

I never thought I ‘d be a ‘two weather apps ‘ type guy; even when it ‘s tornado warning time it ‘s generally my wife who is tracking all the latest radar and live TV coverage, while I ‘m griping and asking if we can switch back to the game or whatever show we ‘d been watching.

World Weather has won me over though, it ‘s a keeper for me.  I won ‘t be getting rid of Fizz Weather because there are times when it is good to have its more in-depth features available “ but World Weather is the one I ‘ll look to more often.  It sounds silly, but it is so damn pretty that it leaves me wanting to check weather more often. 🙂

You can find World Weather in the App Store now, priced at $0.99.

*** This app was independently purchased by the post author in the iPhone App Store. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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  • I feel the same about Weather Channel Max. It just gives me a little too much, but the standard iphone weather app is just a little too, meh. Thanks, will be checking this out, and the visuals do look awesome!

    • It's well worth a look. I seriously may start accosting strangers in shops – asking them if they want to see the latest weather. 🙂

  • Braden

    You just cost me 99 cents. Money well spent, though.

  • LOL. Oops, but glad to hear you like it though.