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Desert Island Apps – #1 with Marc Tassin


Today we ‘re kicking off a new series here on Just Another iPhone Blog “ called ‘Desert Island Apps ‘.  It ‘s based on a very long-running and brilliant BBC Radio show called ‘Desert Island Discs ‘.  The premise of Desert Island Discs is simple and wonderful “ a guest is invited to choose the eight musical pieces (originally records) they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island.

In our case of course we ‘re not interested in our guests ‘ choice of music.  What we want to know is which six iPhone apps they would take with them if stranded on an island.

I ‘m very happy to have Marc Tassin, Product Manager at Ilium Software, as our first guest on Desert Island Apps #1.  Read on to see Marc ‘s picks

Since I’m on a desert island, I’m going to assume that I don’t have to do any work. As a result, I won’t talk about eWallet, Pocket Informant, or the other productivity applications I rely on. I’m also going to assume that by some miracle the island has Wi-Fi and that I still get the default iPhone apps. That said, here we go…

1. Kindle for iPhoneKindle
I LOVE to read, and Kindle is a great application. There are a lot of excellent readers out there, but I just really like Kindle. It’s so easy to add books and I love the option to read a little bit of the book before I buy it!

2. Kodak GalleryKodakGallery
My wife uses Kodak for all of our digital pics. With Kodak Gallery I can see every single one of the hundreds of pics she’s posted without eating up all the memory on my phone with images! Seeing as I may be stuck on the island for awhile, I’d take this so I can keep up with what the family is up to!

3. PandoraPandora
After a few months on the island I bet the playlist on my phone would get a little stale. That’s why I’d take the Pandora app. Pandora is tons of fun, and I’ve purchased a lot of music I would never have thought to listen to at all thanks to Pandora.

4. Public Radio Player PublicRadioPlayer
Another must have for me. I got tired of missing the end of stories on NPR when I went into the store (or wherever I was headed). When I found this I was SO happy. Pop-in the headphones and keep listening to WUOM even when I leave the car.

5. Flight ControlFlightControl
Most…addictive…game…ever. Seriously, I love this game. I might go through severe physical withdrawal symptoms if I didn’t bring this to the island with me. Excellent game and perfectly designed for the iPhone. You drag little flight paths for your planes and try (desparately sometimes) to keep them from crashing into one another.

6. ScrabbleScrabble
Gotta keep my mind sharp! Love Scrabble. Not only is it a great game but it’s an excellent electronic adaptation. As a software designer I appreciate good design, and with Scrabble you can do everything you need to without noticing that you’re doing it! A very natural user interface.


Huge thanks to Marc for being our first guest for Desert Island Apps (and for the second time really as we did this on our last Talkcast as well)!  I hope to make this a regular series “ and I hope it will help all of us to discover some great new apps.

If you feel like sharing what your Desert Island Apps picks would be, fire away in the comments 🙂

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