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iPhone Apps Aren’t Rocket Science, but NASA Has One Anyway

NASA iPhone app

iPhone apps may not be rocket science to create “ but we do have an official NASA iPhone app now, to keep track of those folks building and flying in rockets.

I grew up in an era when every new NASA mission was a BIG deal “ all over the TV, talked about tons at school, loads of us growing up dreaming of being the next Neil Armstrong, and all that jazz.  We bought astronaut action figures and built DIY rocket ships “ and oh boy would we have gone for this iPhone app! Here ‘s a little slice of the app ‘s intro on its App Store page:

By downloading this first-ever NASA application for the iPhone, you will enjoy fast, direct access to accurate, up-to-date space mission content from a wide range of U.S. Space Agency sources

And here are some of its main features:

NASA Missions

NASA app for iPhone

NASA app on iPhone

Mission orbit tracker

NASA app for the iPhone



NASA app images

NASA iPhone app images

NASA app


NASA iPhone app videos

NASA Twitter feeds / Mission Updates

NASA app on iPhone

NASA app

Hopefully the images above have given you some idea of how full of NASA goodness this app is.  It is packed with cool stuff to read and to look at “ from up-to-the-minute updates to striking images, and some decent videos.

It ‘s an app to keep in mind next time somebody tells you that most of those 90-whatever thousand iPhone apps are all fart apps. or that free apps are all crappy novelty ones.  It ‘s one that makes me feel nearly as excited about all this stuff as I did when I was a kid watching Armstong, Aldrin, Collins, and their colleagues “ and one that I hope will give my daughter a little bit of that sense of wonder that comes with this subject.

I love the orbit tracker too “ watched that for a lot more time than I imagined I might last night. šŸ™‚

You can find NASA App for iPhone in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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