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Boxcar gets quiet time settings via hidden feature


Earlier this evening, Jonathan George revealed how one can enable a hidden feature in Boxcar to configure a Quiet Time, during which time sounds and popup alerts will not occur. The Boxcar icon will still receive badge updates, however.

Apparently, this feature was originally planned for the recent 2.1 update, but the backend wasn’t quite ready in time. So the feature was hidden to be enabled at a later date.

Based on the revealing of this hidden feature, I expect a 2.2 version will include the Quiet Time setting already enabled. But you don’t have to wait until then. With a few quick steps, you can also have quiet times today, using the 2.1 version you already have.

You can find a full knowledge base article detailing these steps along with screen shots here, but the basic process is as follows:

  1. Launch Boxcar
  2. Navigate to the Services screen
  3. Choose any of the “Open ____ Notifications Using” options
  4. Just choose the same app as you already had selected. DON’T CHANGE THE APP OR THIS WON’T WORK!
  5. You’ll be returned to the Services screen. Just wait until little activity spinner in the status bar stops spinning.
  6. Once the activity spinner is done, which shouldn’t take long at all, you can close out of Boxcar.
  7. Now, when you re-launch Boxcar, you will have a Quiet Time setting on the Services screen.
  8. Tap this to enable the quiet time, and choose a start time and end time.

I’ve chosen to enable my quiet time starting at 10:00pm and ending at 7:00am, which is typically when I will be sleeping. Though it’s not specifically stated, I’m hoping the time is using the local iPhone time, and not the time of the Boxcar push server, wherever that may be located.

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