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WordPress 2.0 is out for the iPhone

Thanks to Kevin Tofel’s late night tweet I just found out about this latest version of the iPhone WordPress app. I use Blogpress for most of my mobile blogging but I am looking forward to giving this shiny new, free app a try. Version Two-Point-O sports a fresh coat of paint and faster access and management of comments. Pictures still seem to tack right on to the bottom though.
I’m actually really not the best guy to tell you all about what’s new, but I figure that at least I could be one of the guys to tell you that the app is out. Pick it up for free on the App Store now – but make sure you choose WordPress 2.

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  • amdou

    why new app WordPress 2, why not update WordPress…. strange

    • i was wondering that myself, but at least both versions are free so there's really not too much of a difference. just setup time.

  • Niall

    I’m not crazy about the keypad on the iPhone. Too often it mistakes one key press for another. I can’t imagine blogging with one of them would be very intuitive. It’s hard enough to type an email properly one one.

  • I get what you mean about the keyboard being a matter of taste, but you can't discount the usefulness of being able to moderate comments while on-the-go. This app seems to be a lot better for that than the previous version.