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Apple Seeking New iPhone Security ‘Sheriff’, The Job They Should Be Offering to GeoHot


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Just as a new hack, blacksn0w, promises to unlock iPhones with the latest Apple software from AT&T’s wireless network, Apple is looking for a sheriff to lock the smartphones back up again, permanently.

A job posting on Apple corporate Web site seeks a security manager for the iPhone platform to lead a team focused on secure booting and installation of the operating system, cryptographic services, partitioning and hardening its internal security domains, and risk analysis of security threats.

That ‘s an excerpt from a report at Network World that indicates that Apple may be looking to step up the long-running battle with iPhone jailbreakers  and unlockers.  It ‘s a battle that is never an easy one to ‘win ‘ for either side, but especially for the side playing defense in effect, which Apple is in this case.

Apart from wishing that Apple would one day just choose to turn a blind eye to jailbreak efforts (they could just advise users of the risks but not waste their time / energy / money combatting it), my one other thought is if they really want to get serious about this, why not hire the best. 

Why not hire someone who can think like a hacker, because he is one, and can help them find the cracks and holes in future iPhones before anyone else does?  Why not hire GeoHot, or one of the members of the Dev Team, or one of the many other talented and respected iPhone hackers?  Fair enough, it ‘s extremely unlikely that any of them would want to switch sides, but I can ‘t imagine there are too many individuals Apple are going to find who will do a better job than they would

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  • Still think this is an initiative more focused on AppCracking and pirating than anything else. Sure that team is gonna tackle unlocking and jailbreaking, as both do hurt Apple’s interests, but pirating is still more damaging than any of those…

    • Agreed, they need to figure out (if at all possible) a way to stop app piracy then that will be fine in my books. Jailbreaking <> Piracy, although it does make it possible but that is the user's choice to be legit or not. If they do manage to somehow lock down all the holes/exploits until others are found and prevent jailbreaking I'd cry. I'd also feel sorry for all the devs who write great apps like mQuickdo & biteSMS (2 I would hate to be without) just to name a few.

      • Well said. I share just about all those sentiments.

  • I hope you're right. That's a much better place to focus their efforts IMO.

  • tae

    the hackers should start a new virus to attack non-JB iphones as a revenge.. hehe.. Just Kidding..