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Shazam Update – Yes, Existing Users Keep Unlimited Tagging

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As Josh posted about yesterday, Shazam “ the hugely popular song-identifying app for the iPhone – has recently released a new, paid-for, app called Shazam Encore.  They also announced that new users of the existing, free, Shazam app would be subject to a 5 tags (song identifications) per month limit.

Since then I ‘ve seen a number of people asking whether or how the ‘grandfathering ‘ of existing users would be handled, and whether they would really continue to have unlimited tagging. The update page for Shazam ‘s free version “ shown above “ makes it clear that you do keep unlimited tagging.

I ‘ve tried this out a little this afternoon “ and it certainly works fine for me.  I reeled off a dozen tags in a short space of time and got no complaints from the app.  If you had a chance to update, let us know how it goes for you.

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  • Erik

    When I updated I didnt see that part about how it stays unlimited for those updating. Maybe they added it in. Regardless, I updated and it is working just fine for me. I was able to tag more than 5 so its safe to say they are correct, still unlimited!

    • Yup, I think they snuck that wording in yesterday in an effort to clear any confusion – a good idea I think.

  • anonymous

    Well it didnt keep unlimited tagging for me, so instead of buying shazam for 4.99 i got midomi which does everything shazam does plus more (eg it can tag songs just from you humming it)

    • Saint

      midomi you say?? can´t find it

      • It has changed its name to SoundHound.

  • Very odd – and you were an existing user from before that update?

  • Dustin

    I have the same problem. I've been a user since I bought my iphone in August. Now, every time I open the app it says I'm limited to 5 tags a month.