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Not Able To Order a Drink in a Crowded Bar – There’s an App for That


Ah, the piss-taking mileage in the ‘there ‘s an app for that ‘ line just doesn ‘t get old for me. :)  And with the description given for the new Round app for the iPhone I just couldn ‘t resist.  Here ‘s a slice of that description:

You’re in a crowded bar or pub trying to order some drinks. The bartender doesn’t notice you, and when it’s finally your turn he doesn’t understand you because the music is too loud.  With "Round" you can end this now!

Ask your friends for their preferred drink and using one tap you can show your order to the bartender… on your iPhone or iPod touch, in very big print.
With "Round" ordering your drinks will become cooler, better and easier!

Yikes.  On paper, this may sound reasonable “ but in the real world, in most real bars I ‘ve ever been in, this doesn ‘t strike me as a way to make friends, influence people, or get served any quicker (or at all).  I reckon if you can ‘t find a way to communicate with a bartender without the need to use your iPhone screen, you may just want to switch to places where you ‘ve got waiters who come to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • ArcAngel

    Uhm can't notepad or evernote or any note for that matter do this just as well.

    If you use evernote you'll have a record of how much you over-drank as well lol

    • LOL – yeah there is that too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • what rubbish ! it's an excellent idea. Bars that take "getting served" seriously (ie – all) should implement this (or similar). They're simply loosing sales.