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Bizarro iPhone Apps: PinFrog – The Nutcracker

PinFrog iPhone app

This has been a heck of a week for press approaches about new iPhone apps.  The previous highlight was an app that encouraged ladies to ‘let it rip ‘ in the restroom and use the app to cover up all their unseemly noises.  Late in the week I think we have a new leader in eye-catching opening lines though:

Dear Patrick Jordan

Have you ever hit the balls of a frog?
No, not the eyeballs – the other ones.

I usually feel as if I ‘ve had a pretty well-rounded life “ lived in a fair few different places, got to know lots of great people and cultures, had an extended misspent youth that lasted well into my thirties, and so on.  But now I ‘m kicking myself (though not in the ghoulies) and wondering how I ‘ve managed to go all these years without any kicking frogs in the balls at all.

Luckily for me, the PinFrog “ The Nutcracker app looks like it will let me make up for lost time in terms of my lack of frog bollocks bashing.  Here are some of its key features:

– Retarded frog
– Softbody physics
– Accurate ball hit detection
– Random combined levels for endless replayability
– 3 kinds of rackets to kick PinFrog
– 10 hideous bosses to fight against and loot
– Up to 40 achievements to win
– Online highscore and ranking
– Play your own music during playing the game

I feel most impressed by ‘accurate ball hit detection ‘ “ being a novice in this whole area of kicking frogs below the belt, that seems like something I ‘d absolutely need.

I ‘m not sure I ‘ll be going for this one, but if you ‘ve got a big urge to kick frogs where it counts you can find PinFrog in the App Store now for $1.99.

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