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Latest, Very Fitting, Term for the App Store Reviews Process = Untenable


Definition via: http://www.merriam-webster.com

MG Siegler “ in  a post at his parislemon.com site “ has applied a simple and very appropriate term to the iPhone App Store reviews process “ untenable.

He cites a number quoted in a recent Business Week article featuring some comments from Apple ‘s Phil Schiller in defense of the approvals process, and calls it what it is:

The number of applications available at the App Store is now north of 100,000, and about 10,000 are submitted each week.

10,000 submitted each week. The word you ‘re looking for is ‘untenable. ‘ I just wonder how long until Apple admits that. I bet at some point next year.

We ‘ve talked often here about how much improvement is needed in the App Store review process “ and I ‘m sure there is even more talking still to be done, mostly by much cleverer people than me, but in the meantime I reckon untenable is one of the very best ways I ‘ve seen of describing the process.

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  • I’d go with ‘indefensible’ considering that they both mean the same but one won’t be understood by a lot of people

  • I think I'll agree to disagree on that – and of course I'll suggest that your argument is untenable. 🙂