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iPhone Wish List Items: Show Us What’s been Sucking Up Battery During a Day?


I spotted the screencap shown above in a post over at JAMM, talking about some upcoming Android device running a new 2.1 version of the Android OS.  What really caught my eye is the sub-heading below the ‘Battery use ‘ section, which reads:

What has been using the battery

Yowza “ now that is a utility I would love to see! An applet that monitors battery usage among services and applications and gives you a breakdown of which ones have been sucking the most life out of the poor old iPhone battery.

I ‘m not at all sure how do-able this is, and I imagine it is not something Apple will be giving us anytime soon.  How about all our fiendishly clever jailbreak devs though?  We ‘ve got all the battery status theming options we could possibly want, and lots of ways to show our percentages in the status bar “ how about some ‘Who ‘s To Blame ‘ action so we can spot the biggest culprits and either get rid of them or adjust our usage of them to get better results.

What do you all think?  Is this something you ‘d find useful?  How easy / difficult / impossible is it to do?

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  • I love the idea and wish it could happen, but it seems to be that it would be extremely difficult to implement. Apps don't exactly pull directly from the battery or have their own specific power usage reporting. The utility would somehow need to (very intelligently) combine CPU usage, memory usage, storage usage, sound usage, video usage, and most of all network usage. Network usage would have to be smart enough to know the different power usage between wifi, 3g, edge, bluetooth, gps, and whatever else.

    Heck, get me an app that shows me all that information broken down and I'd be amazed (and happy). CPU, memory, and disk are easy. That data is there and can be seen with 'top'. But all the rest, I'm not sure it would even be possible to accurately poll, let alone intelligently combine all the data to get an even somewhat accurate 'power use per app' reading.

    Again, great idea and we can dream, but I don't think it's likely to be done. Somebody could definitely start putting together a very 'rough' meter that shows which apps use the most resources and that could vaguely be pushed on to a power use scenario. But accurate, even slightly, probably not so much.

  • Best idea for an app i heard all year.
    I really hope someone makes this jailbreak or no jailbreak i dont care. I just want it 🙂

  • I was actually just thinking about my battery usage…. Since I have jailbroke my iPhone about 2 wks. ago I have not been experiencing battery issues until about 2 days ago. I have stopped using MultiFl0w which had helped out quite a bit. I really like that app & have been using the trial version, but since deleting it my battery has improved. I can estimate when before I jailbroke I charged my phone every other day…. I now have to charge my phone everyday & often run out of power by the afternoon. I guess this is a price to pay to have everything I want on my iPhone…. I added a battery case to my Christmas List…

  • It would be a killer app, and i’d surely pay for it even if it’d be a jb app

  • Yeah, this is very much my impression as well. I don't even recall ever seeing this level of monitoring on a laptop.

  • Me too.

  • Ivan Williams

    Considering the debates we face with regards to battery life, I think this is a brilliant idea. Where do I sign up? I want to be first 🙂