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Cool new iPhone accessories: ZAGGsparq and Ivyskin Quattro T4 2.0


Here are two newsletter goodies that recently landed in my e-mail inbox:

The first is the ZAGGzparq, a 6000mAh portable battery and charger with dual-USB output, allowing you can charge up to two devices at once. The sparq looks like a black version of a MacBook AC charger, and actually costs about as much as one at $100 (normal price $130). I’m hoping to get a review unit of this little black box, so we might have our own first-hand sparq coverage soon enough.

The second accessory is the Quattro T4, a touch-thru hard case for the iPhone 3GS. The T4 has a glass screen that claims to allow you to use the iPhone as if it were nekked, while still enjoying the extra grip and protection of a silicone-coated polycarbonate case (which sounds way more technical than “plastic case with glass screen”).

One really interesting extra about the Quattro T4 is that it might soon take a page out of Mophie’s Juice Pack book (well, if they had one) and allow you to replace the back panel with a battery that “extends the iPhone’s battery by 200%”. The T4 is available now for $44.99, and you can find more details on Ivyskin’s page.

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