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Bizarro iPhone Apps – Stress Relief: Smash Edition

Stress Relief: Smash Edition iPhone app

Ever get so frustrated you just need to smash something up?  Go berserko like those guys in Office Space and bash a printer ‘s brains in?  Turns out there is an iPhone app that looks set to let you relieve all that tension and smash stuff to smithereens to your heart ‘s content.

That is as long as when you ‘re pumped up, raging, and frustrated you feel totally released and relieved by the violent action of tapping on an iPhone screen.  Not making big smashing motions with it a la some of the Wii-like apps we ‘ve seen “ no, just tap tap tapping on the screen.  That should be an almost identical experience to smashing the living crap out of a TV set or something right?

Here ‘s some slices of the description for the Stress Relief: Smash Edition app:

Very few things in life are so satisfying as smashing stuff to bits. This application gives you the virtual joy of smashing all sorts of stuff. Includes photographic images and actual sounds of smashing. Very satisfying indeed.

As a former clinical psychologist, I understand that sometimes it s just not enough to take a deep breath and imagine yourself in a calm and soothing environment.

Sometimes, learning to relax and let things go takes a little more effort.

With "Stress Relief, Smash Edition," I have developed a tool to help you release all your frustrations and leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

Because, after all, who wouldn t like to shatter a stack of plates or pulverize a tomato?

This app features over three dozen items which you can smash to your heart s content. And they re not just rendered images, but actual photographs of items being broken. Choose an item and tap the screen to destroy it. Not only will you be rewarded with images of destruction, but you ll hear the actual sounds of the item ‘s obliteration. Tap up to three times for progressively more and more damage. Shake your phone to restore the object to its pristine state. Oh if life were so easy…

The app offers a selection of things to smash up by tapping the screen “ including:

Answering Machine, Calculator, Clock Radio, Coffee Maker, Hard Drive, Keyboard, Laptop, Monitor, Mouse, Palm, Phone, Radio, Remote

Apple, Cake, Eggs, Grapes, Ice, Jelly, Oreos, Pringles, Tomato, Watermelon

Bell, Bottle, Clock, Coffee Mug, Dishes, Miscellaneous Figurines, Piggy Bank, Spectacles, Teapot, Vase

I think I ‘ll stick to more old school stress relievers for the moment “ but if you feel as if you really need to do some vicious screen tapping to relieve all your pent-up stress, then by all means check out Stress Relief: Smash Edition, and let us know how it goes for you. 🙂

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