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Minigore Episode 3 is out on the iPhone! More weapons, a new boss, and new characters!

Minigore Ep 3

“Ooo, Loot!”

Minigore, the smallest and kickiest assiest little shooter, just got an update to Episode Three yesterday night. Dubbed the “Christmas Episode”, this version offers a host of new characters to play as. Each of them comes with a new model and new lines to spew while you kill hundreds of thousands of Fuzzies — and yes, I mean that literally.

Most of the characters are unlocked by achieving a number of kills (1,000,000 for the last character), although Santa is actually a form of paid DLC. I guess we weren’t quite good enough this year. I don’t mind that, though. The game is only $0.99 and there’s much more to see in this update.

There’s a new boss worm that bounces around and dodges attacks, a grenade launcher that decimates everything, and the ability to upgrade your pickups by…well, picking more of them up. The first time you use a shotgun crate it will start off at a certain level, but the next time you pick one up it should pack just a little bit more bang.

Once again, the Mountain Sheep has injected new life into their nifty little dollar shooter, and we’re now exactly one update away from local co-op Minigore! That’s the update I’m really looking forward to!

[thanks to Frank for the heads-up on Twitter]

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