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Dragon Dictation Hits App Store


The long awaited Dragon Dictation is now available in the App Store, and, despite predictions of prices in the $30.00 range is absolutely free

Dragon Dictation converts your speech to editable text that can then be sent to a text message, email, or the clipboard.

I ‘ve been testing the app (which requires an internet connection), and am so far highly impressed with its accuracy.   This one looks like a keeper!

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  • Guest

    A number of reviews in the App Store mention that, according to the Dragon Dictation EULA, the app will send all yoru contacts to a Nuance server. This seems like a horrible invasion of privacy, particularly since I can't think of a functionality-based reason to do this. If it's as good as it sounds, I'd happily pay for this app provided it didn't mess with my personal data.

    • In reading through the EULA, it says that the contact NAMES will be sent, not the contact's details. It also says that it will not be used to contact anyone, etc.

      I saw the App Store reviews but frankly consider it much ado about not much.

      In theory, Dragon is using the contact names for recognition purposes, but I haven't had a chance to research further yet.

  • RichardThePeach

    From section 3.3 NAMES AND SPEECH DATA. "As part of the Service, Nuance collects and uses: (1) the names of individuals and companies in your address book in order to improve the quality of the Service when you speak a contact name in using the Service."

    then later in the same section…
    "Nuance will not: (a) use the names of individuals and companies that appear in your address book to contact anyone for any reason…"

  • Not available in the UK. NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK!!! Do you know how infuriating that is?

    • ditto here in Canada. We don't speak English here either..

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  • The Tax Doodler

    The reviews on the APPS download screen say "This app goes through your contact list and sends data back to their servers. ". That is a serious breach of trust and privacy. Don't install it unless you want to share all your contacts with someone you don't know.

  • Jasbo

    I'm basically a Mac guy, and have been waiting for a long time to get such a perfect voice-recognition program as Dragon naturally speaking. I'm thrilled with the program so far. It has done everything its purported to do, and I want to thank all of the programmer guys and gals for a job well done.

    I do have one question though. I have a couple of times saved my dictation as of draft. I can't find it anywhere. Does it go back to my desktop computer, and/ or is it residing in some specifically hidden Super Duper mystery place that I need to find.

    Please, if anyone can enlighten me as to how to find my drafts, I would greatly appreciate It. ( and no I don't need to close the windows … that's suppose to be a silly joke)

  • J Howard

    Perhaps I don't ennunciate well enough because there are many more word misses than hits when I dictate.

  • I’ve been using Dragon for about a month now. I like it very well. It does learn your vocabulary. It seems to have a very sophisticated built in vocabulary, particularly with medical terms. You have to learn to think a little bit ahead, and remember your punctuation marks. But of course, always afterwards you want to proof, and see what errors are made. Sometimes it makes mistakes on very common phrases, but it gets very technical terms correctly.

    I’ve been a secretary for almost 60 years now, but my fingers get tangled on the keyboards of the iPad and the iPhone. Dragon is really great, and it saves a lot of time!

    I dictated this comment on Dragon, and I made three small corrections.

  • This is a great app, but I wish it had a feature where you can use the voice-to-text function to send emails, instead of having to manually select those accounts. I have hand problems that greatly benefit from not using a keypad.