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Dragon Dictation App & Your Contacts – Answers from Dragon

Dragon Dictation iPhone app

Dragon Dictation has made a big splash in the App Store this week, and deservedly so as it ‘s a hugely impressive app.  There has also been a fair bit of fuss about what exactly the app does or does not do with your contacts stored on your iPhone, and why it uploads them to its server “ and we ‘ve seen questions about this in the comments here on the site as well.

Dragon Mobile, the publishers of the app, have now provided a very clear set of answers on this subject, in a blog post that outlines what is uploaded, why it is uploaded, and how the data is protected.  Perhaps most importantly, they make this part clear:

We take this information and create an anonymous user profile for your device that understands what names are likely to dictate into a document. It’s important to note that we only upload the names, not the e-mail addresses, phone numbers or any other personally identifying information from your contacts.

To see all the details on this, straight from Dragon Mobile, check out their post here:


I have been using “ and enjoying “ Dragon Dictation since the day it launched.  I did not look closely at its license agreement and see the details on its usage of my contact information “ but I have to say that having read their post, I have no worries at all in this area.  And it should be a huge help when using people ‘s names within your dictation, which is bound to be quite often I would think.

If you ‘re using Dragon Dictation, you should definitely take a few minutes and check out Joe ‘s recent, superb Tips post on the app.  It ‘s at:


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