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FestiveTones – MailTones email alerts for the Holiday season


Holiday apps are a funny thing. It’s not as if they have an expiration date, but it’s not all that likely that we’ll be using the Santa and Snow-themed apps come December 2010. We looked at Mailtones for the site a little while ago, and FestiveTones is the $1.99 holiday version of the app. I’d actually have preferred it if FestiveTones were an in-app purchase within MailTones, but this solution should do for folks looking to their iPhones to add just a little more Holiday cheer.

I haven’t heard any of the tones because I haven’t tried it out, but you can expect a decent selection of  long and short tones for e-mail. Actually, I may just check the app out purely to turn Patrick’s email notifications into some sort of Grinch sound… 😉

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