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One Day Sale over at ZAGG: everything is 50% off for today only

ZAGG sale

This doesn’t look like one of those sales with a stupid asterisk at the end. It really is 50% off of everything, whether it be the new designer ZAGGSkins films, the (temporarily US-only) ZAGGsparq charger and battery, or a plain vanilla InvisibleShield. My only personal warning is to be wary of the ZAGG Z.Buds – they do sound pretty good and look great, but they do seem to have some durability issues. My review sample died within about two monthss, and I know that Brandon’s also gave up the ghost pretty recently as well.

This is the ZAGG sale you’ve been waiting for, folks. Get some!

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  • I may bite on the Sparq… still mulling that over. If they have a 30-day return policy on the Sparq I probably will, but I can’t get through on phone support. I’ve tried many power solutions and have regretted everyone… I also am interested in the shield for my 3GS, but I am absolutely terrible at that stuff. If they will install for me and I can verify the quality of the install I’d be in. Apple Store put on anti-glare screen for me, and did an 80 % job. I couldn’t do better, but there are some obvious black specks. I am not lazy, I just really like my device and don’t want to make it worse… Thanks for pointing this out Thomas!

  • I've done the same with the Apple Store and the anti-glare screen, with my last two iPhones. For pretty much the same reason as you – they may not have it got 100% perfect – but they certainly did miles (and miles) better than I would've managed. 🙂