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CBS and Disney Signing a Deal with Apple to Supply Content via a Subscription Service?

itunes1.jpgThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Walt Disney Company and CBS are considering signing a deal with Apple to offer television subscriptions over the internet, most likely for the Apple TV or the mythical Apple tablet.

The proposed service by the maker of iPhones and iPod music players could, in at least some scenarios, offer access to some TV shows from a selection of major U.S. television networks for a monthly fee, according to people familiar with the discussions.

This service is expected from Apple sometime in 2010.

This report comes just after the announcement of Apple’s acquisition of Lala, a music streaming company. This suggests that Apple is looking into ways to restructure their iTunes services, most likely by offering content via subscriptions. The subscription model would supposedly work well with the Apple tablet should it be released. Or so says the Wall Street Journal.

Also, it seems that not all content providers are as eager as CBS and Disney to jump onto the subscription bandwagon with Apple.

I still don’t think Apple is seeking the subscription model, and especially not as the main way to sell content. Apple has always stated that consumers didn’t want their content that way, and it’s been shown that it in fact doesn’t settle well with consumers. Just take a look at the now defunct PlayForSure market, or it’s bastard spinoff the Zune Marketplace. They aren’t major content outlets. Even if Microsoft wants you to think they are.

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